Monday, November 11, 2019

Don't Let Your Work Take A Toll On Your Health

One of the most common things that many people struggle with on a day-to-day level is the idea of maintaining some kind of work/life balance. After all, working is essential but if you end up burning out then you’re going to make your life even harder. Most people find themselves wishing that they had more time for their life outside of work since more and more of us are having to work more and more hours in order to earn a decent living. This can often get so bad that it starts to take a toll on their health. So is it actually possible to maintain a work/life balance so that your healthdoesn’t suffer?

Manage your time

One thing that a lot of people really struggle with is being able to manage their time properly. When you're not using your time carefully enough, it's incredibly easy to feel like you don't have enough to do everything that you want. If that's the case for you then why not try a few simple things to use your time more efficiently. One of the best things that you can do is to start waking up earlier. By waking up earlier, you can spend more time getting ready for the day and enjoying your timeat home rather than rushing around feeling stressed. Similarly, it's much easier to avoid feeling overworked if you plan your free time better. Rather than doing everything loosely, stick to a schedule which allows you to get as much done as possible in a much shorter period of time.

Change your career

On the other hand, the solution could be a matter of making a change to your career overall. Some jobs are always going to take up more of your time than others, but there are always ways to free up some time for yourself. There are different roles within the same career path that work better for some people than others and offer a difference balance of your time. Make that a factor in any career decisions that you make. You could also look at things like freelancing which can offer a lot more freedom no matter what you do for a living.

Embrace shortcuts

There are a lot of shortcuts that you can use in order to help your work/life balance improve. Things like remote working can make life a whole lot easier. That might sound complicated but it really isn’t, check over herefor advice on how to do it. That way you’re able to work from home where you’re more comfortable and happy, without sacrificing your ability to have a roof over your head.
It's never going to be possible to have the perfect balance in life since you're always going to have to deal with things that you don't really want to do. However, it's certainly possible to make the best of the time you have rather than feeling like you're stuck in a rut and never have time to do anything but work.
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Don’t Blow Your Budget On The Road: Top Ways To Save Money While Backpacking

The average vacation will set you back over a thousand dollars, which can really add up if you’re on an extended backpacking trip. Keeping costs down is essential for most people, who are traveling without an income. However, on vacation, the cost of tours, accommodation, eating out and endless transport make it difficult to stick to a strict budget. With the stress and exhaustion that comes with moving from town to town, many backpackers struggle to be frugal. To get the most out of your travels, use the tips below to become a wanderlust warrior, unconstrained by financial hardship.

Pay your debts before you leave

While traveling, you don’t want to think about sending off regular payments to the debt collector. Before you start saving for your trip, try and pay off all outstanding debts. This will mean you can use all of your money for the basics of food, accommodation, and transport. It will also ensure you have a solid credit rating. If you get into trouble, a high credit score will allow you to take out an emergency loan.

Find a dorm with a kitchen

Hostels are a backpacker’s dream. They allow you to have fun and make friends while having a bed and a roof over your head for a very low price. However, they are not all equal. Some hostels will throw in breakfast for free, which saves the daily and expensive stops at the coffee shops. You should also look for a dorm with a kitchen. If you are on the road for a long time, then dining out each night will eat into your budget. With a kitchen, you can whip up a cheap meal at least some nights to significantly cut one of your biggest expenditures.

Supplement with side hustles

To ensure you don’t go broke, having a small income could help to cover some of your costs. Finding some freelancing work is a good start. Perhaps you can blog about your travels. This is fun, preserves the memories and may bring in a small cash flow. If you are in a country which accepts baht, while working online and being paid in dollars, then just a couple hours a week could help to pay for that week’s accommodation.
Traveling doesn’t need to be expensive, but frugal wandering requires some pre-planning. Pay off all debts beforehand and save as much as possible. Take advantage of cheap hostels, specifically searching for somewhere with free coffee and a kitchen so you can cook. Doing some freelancing can also bring in some income, so you can stay out on the road for longer.
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Casual Style Tips for Men

You may think that the whole point of dressing in a casual styleis looking like you have put in no effort - but you may be surprised by just how much effort this is in the first place! If you are currently struggling to put together casual outfits which make you look great, this is the article for you. We have compiled a few tips which you can follow to help you when it comes to navigating the pitfalls of looking great, while still looking relaxed.

Choose Jeans Which Make You Look Good

When it comes to ubiquitous casual clothing which you can wear with a range of outfits, you can’t get much better than a pair of jeans. The most important thing is that you choose jeans which actually look good on you. Avoid baggy ones which leave your having to pull them up every couple of minutes. Also, it is better to avoid any unnecessary extras like ripping, bleaching etc. You are much better off having a few simple styles in different colours like black, blue, and grey.

Shoes Are Important

You may wonder just how important a pair of shoes can be. Well, the answer is very important. If you are constantly walking around in a pair of beat-up sneakers, the time has come for an upgrade. Check out these air jordan 11 retro lowshoes. And you should also have some smart brown shoes such as brogues which can end up totally transforming your outfit. Desert boots are also a great option as they fit nicely in-between sneakers and dressier shoes.

Decorate Your Wrist

Accessories can really help to liven up any outfit combinations which you want to create. And when it comes to wrist decoration, a watch is the most obvious choice. Not only is this a stylish option, it is also a highly practical one. Otherwise, you might choose to go for a leather bracelet.

Add Some Layers

Adding layersto your outfit is something which works especially well during the winter months when you need to have some extra warmth. However, this is an area which many men feel uncomfortably with as they simply don’t know what they are doing. As a simple starting point, you could go for a plain jumper over the top of a checked shirt. This way, if it gets a little chilly, you can simply take it off and you still look stylish.

Avoid Overly Flashy Outfits

After you get beyond a certain age, you want to avoid overly flashy outfit choices. This means cartoon t-shirts, fluorescent jackets, and adolescent sneakers. All you need to do is make a few simple adjustments. Choose plain t-shirts, leather jackets, and stylish sneakers instead.
Don’t become too focused with what is going on in the media and fashion world. Instead, you need to carve out a fashion of your own. These are just a few of the ways that you can do this.
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How to survive your first month in Singapore

Before you head to Singapore for a long-term stay or permanent relocation, there are a few things you should consider.
Singapore is one of the best places to be if you want to immerse yourself in an outstanding cultural experience. While life here is different from life in the U.S., you can make a smooth transition when you plan ahead. Check out the following for helpful tips when relocating to Singapore.

U.S. compared to Singapore                                                                                 

Your experience in Singapore depends on many factors, but most expats agree on a few things when relocating there. In general, the city is safe, clean, family-friendly, and has excellent transportation links. Being a tech hub, it draws top talent from around the world, so it is a melting pot of cultures similar to large U.S. cities.

Singapore with kids

While there will be an adjustment for kids who are currently in school, there are ways to make moving to Singapore easier on children. One vital thing you need to consider when taking your family abroad to live is the schooling that is available.
Finding a good school in a different country might seem complex, but expats often opt for international schools for a style of education with which they are familiar. Look at an International Baccalaureate IB school in Singaporethat meets U.S. standards and offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Such a school will give your child the same opportunities to learn that they would have back home.


Because Singapore is located near the equator, you can expect a hot and humid climate with little seasonal temperature change throughout the year. If you are moving from southern states with warm weather and regular humidity, then you will have no trouble adjusting to the high temperatures, around 90 degrees Fahrenheit, in Singapore. Thankfully air conditioning is abundantly used there. Even if you are from the northern U.S., you will soon adjust to the climate as you gradually spend more time outdoors.
You can forget packing heavy winter clothes, but always wear sunscreen and breathable cotton clothing in the sunny climate. Umbrellas are useful for sudden heavy thunderstorms that can catch you off guard.


Stay in a hotel for a few months while exploring different neighborhoods where you want to live. Expat co-workers can offer budget-friendly housing advice. They will tell you that expats often live in condos outside the Central Business District where there are transport links and useful amenities.


While buying a car will cost much more than in the U.S., mass transit is affordableand the preferred choice here. Singapore is known for having reliable, affordable, well-kept, and easy-to-use public transportation.

Surviving socially

Singapore is a great place to enjoy living, so make sure you explore it. While you might be homesick at times, allow yourself time to settle in and get used to the new atmosphere. Locals and expats here are friendly, so ask questions, make conversation, get out every day, and make new friends to feel more connected.
Whether you are moving solo or with a family, Singapore has plenty to offer. You will find westernized school options, a warm climate, adequate housing options, and a cultural mix with a variety of people to befriend as you learn to enjoy life in Singapore.
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A Guide to Glamping and Sightseeing in Style

As well as growing in popularity, glamping is still evolving. Luxury camping in stunning, natural surroundings have grown from canvas tents and scatter cushions to include any quirky, offbeat form of accommodation from yurts to campers, tree houses to log cabins.
The principles of glamping remain the same though. You experience outdoor living without having to rough it, enjoy an adventure without danger and experience wild and unique areas of the world in comfort and luxury.

The Origins Of Glamping

It’s been over 10 years since the term was first used and now the glamping trend is catching on all over the world. The concept is not new and was embraced by nomadic tribes following spice routes and popular with Victorian explorers who were reluctant to give up their comfortable beds. It’s the perfect way to explore the world, discover remote locations and relax and immerse yourself in your surroundings without wondering when you’ll next take a hot shower or worrying about putting up a tent in the pouring rain.

What To Take With You

Having to construct your own accommodation and carry it around with you is a big part of traditional camping and one that puts many people off. Without transporting a tent, your choice of bag, backpack or suitcase, large enough to hold everything in one place, is all you will need for convenient, hands free travelling.  If your living quarters are particularly luxurious, you may only need a small backpack for clothes and toiletries but for other places you may need to find space for food and cooking utensils. With a larger backpack you do need to be organised, packing essential and frequently used items on top. When your smartphone serves to replace so many camping essentials  such as a camera, torch, compass and alarm, a portable phone charger is vital. It is, however, quite likely that your destination will have electricity and WIFI.  Wherever you go, you will at least have the space to unpack without bumping your head on tent poles.

Choose Your Destination

There is a huge choice and variety of glamping sites around the globe. Some offer butlers, chandeliers and hot tubs and have more of a feel of a luxury resort.  They are often close to amenities and other attractions and sometimes even consist of a tent on top of a high rise building in the middle of a city. There are, however, still many more places in remote, natural surroundings where you can immerse yourself in the wilderness and watch the wildlife around you.  You can see elephants and leopards in their natural habitat in Cambodian national parks and wildlife sanctuaries or maybe explore the vast, rolling dunes of the desert in Northern India.
All over the world, you can find amazing glamping destinations offering a base of comfort and luxury from which to explore your surroundings. You can choose your own individual adventure and live in nature, soak up the local culture or just relax in some of the most spectacular places around the globe.
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