Friday, January 04, 2019

Choosing a Home That Meets Your Needs

Choosing the right home is not always easy, there are so many things to consider. Do you need to live in the centre of town to be near your work, or would an outlying place suit you better? How many bedrooms do you need, and bathrooms? Do you like gardening or would you rather have an apartment where the job of looking after the grounds belongs to someone else? The list of questions you need to ask yourself is endless, but you need to be certain you are looking for the right type of home for you.

Are You A First-Time Buyer?

Getting onto the property ladder is the hardest thing of all. You have to save a deposit and have enough money for the legal fees, search fees and everything else associated with buying a home. This is why most first time buyers opt for something quite small because it keeps the expenses down.

There are sometimes grants to help people buying for the first time, and loan companies often have special deals that involve smaller deposits and a longer payment term, reducing the monthly outgoings to a more manageable amount.

First-time buyers really do look for a place to be yourself, as this is the first time they will be totally responsible for a mortgage and all that goes with running a home. They would rather have some small and cozy than nothing at all and tend to be very good at stamping their own personality on the first home they buy.

They will generally consider the location as being an important factor if there is room to entertain their friends and something that is low maintenance.

Expanding The Family

Priorities change when a family comes along and now people need a home that can be made suitable for all the family members. From little children to grandparents who stay sometimes, the home has to be able to cater for them all.

This usually means the floors are more likely to be carpeted, the purchasers will be looking for several bedrooms, and more than one bathroom.

They will want an area for the children to play but will be looking for this to be fenced off so it is secure. Flexibility and adaptability are also important, as when the children are growing their needs change and the buyers will want a home that can be altered to suit the different needs as this happens.

In the location, they will want to be not too far away from good schools, and if there are doctors and shops nearby that is a bonus.