Monday, November 11, 2019

A Guide to Glamping and Sightseeing in Style

As well as growing in popularity, glamping is still evolving. Luxury camping in stunning, natural surroundings have grown from canvas tents and scatter cushions to include any quirky, offbeat form of accommodation from yurts to campers, tree houses to log cabins.
The principles of glamping remain the same though. You experience outdoor living without having to rough it, enjoy an adventure without danger and experience wild and unique areas of the world in comfort and luxury.

The Origins Of Glamping

It’s been over 10 years since the term was first used and now the glamping trend is catching on all over the world. The concept is not new and was embraced by nomadic tribes following spice routes and popular with Victorian explorers who were reluctant to give up their comfortable beds. It’s the perfect way to explore the world, discover remote locations and relax and immerse yourself in your surroundings without wondering when you’ll next take a hot shower or worrying about putting up a tent in the pouring rain.

What To Take With You

Having to construct your own accommodation and carry it around with you is a big part of traditional camping and one that puts many people off. Without transporting a tent, your choice of bag, backpack or suitcase, large enough to hold everything in one place, is all you will need for convenient, hands free travelling.  If your living quarters are particularly luxurious, you may only need a small backpack for clothes and toiletries but for other places you may need to find space for food and cooking utensils. With a larger backpack you do need to be organised, packing essential and frequently used items on top. When your smartphone serves to replace so many camping essentials  such as a camera, torch, compass and alarm, a portable phone charger is vital. It is, however, quite likely that your destination will have electricity and WIFI.  Wherever you go, you will at least have the space to unpack without bumping your head on tent poles.

Choose Your Destination

There is a huge choice and variety of glamping sites around the globe. Some offer butlers, chandeliers and hot tubs and have more of a feel of a luxury resort.  They are often close to amenities and other attractions and sometimes even consist of a tent on top of a high rise building in the middle of a city. There are, however, still many more places in remote, natural surroundings where you can immerse yourself in the wilderness and watch the wildlife around you.  You can see elephants and leopards in their natural habitat in Cambodian national parks and wildlife sanctuaries or maybe explore the vast, rolling dunes of the desert in Northern India.
All over the world, you can find amazing glamping destinations offering a base of comfort and luxury from which to explore your surroundings. You can choose your own individual adventure and live in nature, soak up the local culture or just relax in some of the most spectacular places around the globe.
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