Friday, February 01, 2019

Valentines Date Ideas for Foodies!

Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day isn’t going anywhere- and with just a few weeks to go it’s approaching fast. The thing to remember with these kinds of occasions, is that they can be whatever you make of them. Love cheesy sentiments and all of the cute items in the shops? Then buy those roses and giant teddy bear for your sweetheart! Hate all of that stuff? Just brush it off. Time spent together, or a simple card is perfect for some. You could even go with a handwritten letter which won’t cost you a thing if you don’t want to buy into the commercial side of it all. Whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day or not, as a foodie it’s a great chance to enjoy some delicious food and treats with your other half. Here are a few directions you could go in with it.

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to really push the boat out. If you’re a keen cook then you can really impress your other half by cooking up a storm. It could be a three course meal prepared from scratch, or you could make life easier and buy in the starter and/ or dessert! If you want to ensure you get it right, practice beforehand or go with a dish you’ve cooked in the past and had success with. If you are going to try something new, find a recipe and stick with it as you’re much more likely to get a good result! If you’re a foodie and enjoy delicious meals, but don’t necessarily have great cooking skills then why not head out? You could go somewhere really fancy if that’s your style, or you could try out a new place you’ve both had your eye on for a while. If you know your date has a particular love of a cuisine then go there, for example Thai restaurant p'nut street noodles would be ideal if Asian flavours is something that appeals! You could try something new, revisit an old favourite or even take them back to the first place you went on a date.

If you want something fun and interactive to do then a chocolatier class is a great option. Many places will be hosting these kinds of events for Valentines Day so you shouldn’t struggle finding something local. You’ll have the opportunity to mix your own flavours and create your own treats, enjoy a chocolate fondue and learn some techniques from a professional. Far more personal and fun than simply buying a box of chocolates from a shelf if you wanted to so something a bit different!

Another more interactive session to get you out of the house would be some form of alcohol tasting. As a foodie, chances are you appreciate drinks too, and there are lots of different options. It could be wine tasting, whisky, gin or brandy- whatever it is you both enjoy as a couple. You’ll get to sample new brands, have a go at making different cocktails and mixes and have the chance to buy your favourite bottle or bottles at the end.

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