Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Secret To Packing More When Travelling

You never want to pack too much when travelling. If you’re going on a road trip, you could end up weighing down the car and using up passenger space that could make the journey slower and more uncomfortable. If you’re travelling by plane, you may have weight restrictions and may have to pay a hefty charge to go over these. However, there could be times when you feasibly can pack more stuff – you could be under the weight restriction and yet you could be struggling to get any more belongings into your suitcase. In such situations, it’s worth knowing the secrets on how to maximise space and pack more. Here are just a few of those useful secrets.   

Most people fold clothes, but this generally isn’t space-efficient. Rolling your clothes will usually allow you to pack more into your suitcase and will still prevent creasing.

Another option could be to try vacuum packing which condenses your clothes down and stops them expanding in your suitcase. This involves using vacuum sealed bags, which you can buy from sites like The Vacuum Pouch. This type of packing it a little bit more laborious but will save you space.

Shoes can take up a lot of storage space, however the hollow inside of shoes could be somewhere to pack small accessories or socks. This may not be so handy with sandals but could be useful with boots and sneakers.

Some people love the physical feel of a paperback book. However, physical books take up a lot of space. By taking an e-reader and downloading some e-books instead, you could have a lot more space to work with. This guide at Lifewire lists some of the best e-readers to buy if you haven’t got one already.

Bulky jackets, sleeping bags and quilts will take up a lot of space and could contribute a lot to your luggage’s weight. Looking for lightweight options that offer just as much warmth could help you to save space. Companies like Patagonia specialise in this type of lightweight gear, made especially for backpackers who often have to travel light – consider buying some of this gear if you think you’re going to need it.

For maximising space on road trips, a roof box could be useful. You can shop for roof boxes and roof racks at sites such as Roof Racks DIY. Another option could be to take a trailer, although a roof box is usually more convenient.

When it comes to flights, make sure to make the most of your hand luggage. A lot of airlines allow you to take up to 10km. This could be space to put extra clothes and possessions, providing they meet hand luggage security restrictions (items like corkscrews, lighters and bottle of liquid may not be permitted in your hand luggage and so are best placed in your main luggage).