Thursday, January 10, 2019

Four Fixes For a Better Looking Smile

One of the first things that people notice when they see someone for the first time is their teeth. Not everyone looks someone in the eye; but they most certainly notice your teeth. So if you have crooked and yellowing, with receding gums, and a dry lips, then it is enough to put off some people from wanting to talk to you. So unless you plan on spending the rest of your life with your mouth closed or simply frowning, then now could be the time to do something about it. You deserve to have a smile that you feel good about, as well as a smile that is healthy. So here are some tips for the things that you could be doing to improve the health of your teeth and making your smile great.

Yellowing teeth can be pretty commonplace, and can be something that can happen for a number of reasons; smoking, drinking red wine or coffee, not brushing regularly, and ill-health can all lead to teeth that are more yellow. And really, other than improving the dental health routine that you have, whitening your teeth is one of the only options to choose. You can several dentist-approved whitening products, as well as making a trip to go to see a cosmetic dentist to get them professionally whitened. It gives you a good base to start over with, so you just need to make sure that from there you are improving your dental hygiene to keep them nice and bright.

Having lips that are dry, chapped, and cracked, can make any teeth that are straight and white looking, look much worse, simply because they are what people will see first. So can you deal with chapped and dry lips? Is it inevitable at certain times of the year? It is more common when the weather is cold, but staying hydrated, as well as exfoliating the lips with something like a sugar scrub, can be what you need to keep things looking as good as possible. Things like chapstick help when they’re already dry, so look for ways to prevent them getting dry in the first place.

If you have had teeth that have moved, changed shape, or gone back to a different shape years after having braces, then it could be time to get braces again. This can help them to look their best, and reduce that ‘buck teeth’ look. There are plenty of options these days, though, with many invisible brace options, from clear ‘train tracks’ braces, to clear mouthguard-style braces to help get your teeth looking how you want them to.

This one might sound a little crazy, but really, if you are able to practice your smile a little, then it can help you to get the best looking smile that suits your face. If you’re conscious of your gums, for example, then you’re likely to smile with your eyes more and keep your mouth closed. Just practice the look that you like best.