Wednesday, January 02, 2019

And finally, it could be that you really need to take charge of your mental health. Do you find yourself getting stressed out relatively easily? Or are you someone that suffers from anxiety or depression? Either way, this could be the year that you decide to take charge of your mental health and actually move forward positively. To do this, you need to be proactive and take charge of your mind. Being more present and mindful can be really helpful to you here.

Moving is stressful. In fact, if you search ‘moving home guide’ in your preferred search engine, there’s a chance that at least 90% of the articles you come across will feature the words ‘moving is stressful’ somewhere. This is perhaps as correct and universal a fact as ‘gravity pulls things towards the centre of the Earth.’ The stress of moving can feel integrated with the law of physics. Show us a person who can move without a hint of stress or even slight worry, and we’ll show you someone who would likely be a great candidate for military special forces training.

Of course, we’re exercising a little humor here, and making light of this entire affair. But for someone with a heavy move upcoming, they may feel a little too lost or worried to enjoy the process as they should. A half nervous/half excited state of mind is usually the sweet spot for moving house. But what should we be worried about, and can we settle those fears? Well, there are so many moving parts in a house move, especially when it comes to finances, that the entire event can feel a little dizzying. However, if you exercise vigilance as explored below, you might find this subset of worries gently assuaged.

Most people will often jump to simply hire the most local removalists in their region, perhaps even the first one they come into contact with. It’s quite amazing to see how we feel this way, because we put plenty of trust into those who come to move our belongings. Not only are we giving them free access to our homes, but our new homes, and the handling of our most precious items.

This means that acting vigilant and wise here could be something of a no-brainer. Use services that have an important web presence like Two Men, and a history of trustworthy moves. Use services like this that lay out their package options completely, and aren’t going to spring hidden charges upon you. Use those that are able to stay in communication with you, even if there’s a traffic delay when moving the items from place to place. The removalists you use have a real bearing on the comfort of your day, so don’t be afraid to perfect your choice.

If moving from an apartment or leased property, we will often come to the time of year where worry about the security deposit begins to surface. Will they grant you the full amount, or find some silly reason to hold part or all of it back? This is a good question to ask, because sometimes you can be stung by this process. In order to ensure that things go your way, take photographic evidence of everything that could be contested. Measure those to photos you took when moving in. Be ready to dispute any issue that comes up. This could save you hundreds of dollars you can direct straight to this moving process.

Plan your route. Help plan the route the removalists might take. Stay overnight in hotels to break up your travel if it’s going to be a long way. Ensure your car is well maintained and comfortable. This can save you time, reduce your stress, and ensure the journey feels comfortable rather than a last-minute consideration.

With these tips, your moving process is sure to be as smooth as it could be.