Monday, December 24, 2018

Road Tripping Australia - The Best Way to See the Country

67 percent of Aussies agree that road trips create the best memories in their country. Companies offering cheap flights in and around Australia like Jetstar and Tigerair have challenged the traditional Aussie mindset of going around by car, but road trips offer the best in terms of seeing the real Australia. Australia is massive and going by plane, you miss out on the best adventure travel the country has to offer. The road trip may be the traditional route, but it can not be matched by any other kind of travel in Australia. 

Australia is a land of adventure and by going by car, you are able to catch the best of it. In Queensland for example, the popular Brisbane to Cairns route is full of some of the most pristine beaches Down Under. On a trip like this, you can lose yourself in the adventure of choosing what sites to see and which beaches and islands to explore for as long as your itinerary allows. Routes between major cities: Sydney to Brisbane, Melbourne to Adelaide, and even Perth to Darwin are excellent choices for adventure seekers. This is because once out of the cities, Australia offers so much in terms of natural beauty combined with small popular centers, meaning it is up to you and your group to choose how long to spend in one place and what to do and see. The adventure is endless because nothing has to be planned in advance. Bookings and campsites are usually bookable the same day, and there is the freedom to go off the beaten trail and find amazing hidden wonders. 

It is imperative to find a good group to go with, although solo travel allows you to be more adventurous by not being tied down to others. Choosing a car is a big choice that involves looking at researching all aspects of the vehicle including prices and litres per kilometre but with plenty of options available in all the major cities, this is not usually a problem. The next step is to choose your route or simply the destination and follow the path.

Road tripping in Australia is easy, even for first-timers. The country is full of great sites, cities, and endless beaches ready for exploring. Australia, in fact, has over 10,000 beaches, meaning that going to a new beach a day would take over 29 years. Now is the time to get started on your epic Australian road trip.