Friday, August 24, 2018

The Perfect Gift: Three Adventures Anyone Will Love

Finding the perfect gift for someone usually takes a bit of work. Researching the web, asking around, fishing for clues - it’s all a part of the job. Luckily, some tips are better than others and, even if you don’t manage to fish out any proper clues, you should be able to get them something that they’ll actually enjoy.
Here is a handful of great gift tips if you’re looking for an adventure, plus a suitable item to go with so that the lucky person has something to actually unwrap. Take them out on the day of the birthday, or let them look forward to it - it will be a day to remember in any way.

#1 Camping Adventure

Now that the season is about to change, it’s a good idea to get out and enjoy it properly. If the special someone loves nature and wildlife but doesn’t own as much as a tent pick, you should absolutely give them the whole package as a gift - plus a camping weekend to go with it.
Make sure you get them the kind of clothes they need as well if they don’t have it, throw in a bottle of red wine, and something super comfortable they can snuggle up in while camping.
How far you’d like to take it is up to you; anything can be matched with this camping adventure, so add a Fitbit if they’re into that, a camera to capture your moments, or a puppy to keep you company.

#2 Sport Weekend

If your man or woman loves sports, you can’t go wrong with some tickets to a game they’ll go crazy about. The trick is to make it a whole experience, so get them the kind of accessories they need to look the part unless they already have it, buy a few bottles of experience beer for when you’re back, and take him or her out for something to eat first.
Have a look at Australian Open men’s final, for example, but keep in mind that this one is a few months ahead still. Any game they’re excited about will do, really, so have a look around the web first.

#3 Sushi night

Everyone loves sushi so why not give them an entire sushi-making kit as well as an evening of cooking and drinking wine together? Depending on how crazy your special someone is about sushi, you can get them really fancy sets as well.
Think about other ways to tickle their love for Japanese; a matcha set, an expensive set of chopsticks, or an entire trip to Japan - it’s up to you and your wallet.
Just keep in mind that, whatever experience you choose to give them, it’s always fun to have something to unwrap as well, no matter how small it is. Most experiences will go hand in hand with a little extra gift, though, and it doesn’t have to cost much either.
Featured Image Source: Pexels