Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Sharp Dressing Tips For Bigger Built Men

Plus-size women’s fashion has been big business for years, and yet men’s fashion is only just becoming more accommodating to larger set men. The term ‘bigger built’ is one that many people wrongly assume means overweight, which it doesn’t. It actually means what it says - men that are bigger built, have larger frames and wider shoulders, it’s not to do with weight.
The issue is that a lot of larger built men don’t know how to dress to impress. This is because most of the fashion advice that’s available for men is designed for smaller set guys - hopefully, the below tips and advice will help you to dress to impress, regardless of your size.

The right cut is crucial

While skinny fit items are all the rage right now, from skinny fit suits to skinny jeans, for men that are larger built, skinny styles don’t always tend to work well. Most skinny fit items are designed for smaller set men, which is where the problems tend to arise because they aren’t designed to complement the body shapes of larger set men.
For men with wider frames and stockier builds, skinny fit doesn’t always work well. Instead, it’s best to opt for a slim fit clothing style; that way you still get that tailored look but without your clothing being too tight or uncomfortably fitting.
A mistake that many larger set men make when it comes to their clothing is wearing oversized clothing. This makes you appear larger and bulkier than you are, so it’s far better to opt for more figure hugging items, that show off your body shape and don’t make you look larger than you actually are.

Quality over quantity

When it comes to fashion, it should always be about quality and not quantity. That’s why personal stylists always recomend investing in a capsule wardrobe that contains a selection of high-quality items, such as shorts from the John Henric UK collection, that can be teamed together in a variety of ways.
It’s always best to buy high-quality clothing that’s stylish but also classic and will stand the test of time. It’s far better to wear clothing of a high-quality rather than buying cheaper garments, as these items are always better designed and the cuts are always sleeker and sharper.

Keep it simple

If you are a larger set guy, then it’s best to keep bright colours and patterns to a minimum. Instead, opt to wear neutral tones or dark colours and subtle patterns. If you want to wear patterned clothing, opt for light stripes, dots, or a paisley print.
Simplicity is key to creating a stylish look that is the perfect fit for larger body shapes. While thin, subtle stripes are fine, large, bright or vertical stripes are not a good idea as these will make you appear larger than you actually are.
It’s easy to dress sharply when you’re a guy with a bigger build, it’s just a case of ensuring that you know what it takes to ensure that your sense of style is on point.
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