Thursday, July 05, 2018

Five Signs That You're Probably a Gamer!

1. You Spend More Than You’d Like to Admit on Gaming

The world of technology and gaming is fast paced. If you want to enjoy the most cutting edge games and gaming experience then you need the most up to date technology. If you having a gaming hobby, chances are a lot of your spare cash goes on games, upgrading your system, DLC and more. You probably don’t even want to imagine what you’ve spent on gaming over the years, but deep down you know it’s worth it for the fun you’ve had.

2. You’re Always Excited About The Latest Advancements

Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, three hundred and sixty degree video, leap motion tracking (explained in detail here by Real New World)- you’re excited about it all. Not only do you love and enjoy the current games and systems that are out there, but you’re excited about new developments and are always the first to get involved where possible. Who could blame you, the future of gaming looks incredible!

3. Your Online Friends Have Become Your Real Friends

Gaming gives you a great opportunity to socialise, and best of all, with gaming friends you have something huge in common with them. Having people to play with regularly is great and can massively boost the amount of fun you have. Most people that aren’t in the gaming community don’t realise how much of a social element that there actually is to it. When you’re gaming regularly and chatting to people often, it’s not long until you get to know them well, you have a good laugh together and they really do become like good friends.

4. Gaming > Sleep

Anyone that games knows how addictive it is, and we’ve all let time escape us now and again! One minute it’s 10pm and before you know it it’s 2am and you have work in the morning- not ideal! Chances are you’ve got yourself into this situation on occasion especially when you’ve been playing a new game. If it helps, set an alarm and try and come off when it goes off. Save your gaming marathons for the weekend when you won’t be suffering in work all the next day!

5. You’re Never Bored

The great thing about gaming is that you always have something to do. Whenever you’re at a loose end, you can pick up where you left off on your game and it will keep you occupied for hours. If you’re feeling stressed, bored, happy or sad, gaming is pretty much always a good option and you never have to mope around during your free time wondering what to do. Of course, it’s important to have more active hobbies to and to moderate your game play to a point. But gaming a fantastic hobbyas it’s accessible and fun and can help you to escape from reality every now and again when you need to. People often do this with books and tv, but gaming is more interactive so will likely grab your attention for longer.
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