Thursday, July 26, 2018

Benefits of Package Holidays

Package holidays were once the in thing to do. They were an easy way to travel. Everything was included in the price, you didn’t have to search out accommodation or find the right flights, and your perfect package deal could be booked with just a short trip to the travel agent. In the early days of holidaying abroad, there was nothing more glamorous than a package trip to a gorgeous beach destination.

Times have changed, however. The high street travel agent is becoming a thing of the pastas online tour operators thrive. More and more of us are happy to take the time to find separate flights and accommodation as booking online and using websites to filter our results makes this easier than ever. It can work out much cheaper to find budget flights and apps like Airbnb make it easier to find safe accommodation cheaply. We’re no longer at the mercy of the tour operators deals. We have much more choice and flexibility and package holidays are suffering. However, package deals from Webjetstill have many, many benefits and could offer you the trip of your dreams.


Yes, you can find cheap hotels and flights separately. But, there are often hidden costs. You usually have to pay extra for luggage, your transport to your hotel won’t be included, and you may have to add tax to the advertised price. When you book a package deal, there are no hidden costs, and you can often get deals on things like currency, insurance, airport parking and car rental.


Booking a package holiday is easy. You know that your accommodation will be nice, and your flights will be comfortable. You don’t have to searchthrough thousands of different options, reading reviews and finding flights to match. You know what you are getting, and it can all be booked with a simple click or phone call.


Unfortunately, the unexpected sometimes happens. Someone gets ill and can’t fly. Hotels suffer damage and have to close down. Travel companies go out of business. If you’ve booked a package deal with a reputable company, you will be protected. Your trip will be insured and you’ll either get a replacement or your money back. Check this before booking anything.
You also know that you will be safe. You couldn’t accidentally book a package holiday to a war zone, or somewhere that’s considered unsafe. Package holiday providers keep an eye on global situations and events, to keep you safe at all times.


When you book things separately, on your own, there’s no guarantee of good customer service. You won’t have a contact in your hotel. There’ll be no one to turn to if you need help and advice. You’ll have no one to ask questions before you travel. You might even struggle to find anyone that speaks English. When you book a package holiday, service is included. From making your booking, there will be someone that you can contact if you need help with anything at all.
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