Friday, June 08, 2018

Discovering An Active Hobby Is A Wonderful Thing (Here’s Why)

It is quite likely that at some point you have heard the refrain from friends, colleagues and acquaintances that pilates, golf, running, or some other active hobby has changed their life! In fact, it's a pretty typical story, although it's easier for most of us to dismiss it as over exaggeration! However, before we reject it out of hand, it is worth considering that they might be onto something. In fact, discovering an active hobby may be a genuinely wonderful thing. To find out all the reasons why keep reading the post below.

Improves fitness

The first benefit of discovering and falling in love with an active hobby is the gains in fitness you can make. Something that we are continually being told can improve our quality of life, and even extend our life expectancy!
Yes, these gains will differ depending on the intensity of the activity and how long you practice it and train a week, However, one thing is sure, whatever active hobby you have from boules to triathlons, it's going to be better than sitting on the couch binging on Netflix and eating snacks all the time!
Of course, the real value of finding an active hobby that resonates with you is that it makes working out so much easier. After all, if you are enamoured with the activity itself and the desire to improve your game or form, you barely have to worry about motivating self to do it at all. Something that means it can be a massive sea change from forcing yourself to crawl out of bed and get to the gym every morning.

Mental health

Apart from all the specific boost taking up an active hobby can provide for your physical health, there are also some significant mental health benefits as well, some of which are mentioned in detail below. However, it is also worth noting that exercise in all its forms is known to create endorphins in the body, which make us feel good.
Then, there is a vast body of work that suggests active hobbies are the best way to protect yourself against some of the psychological problems of old age including dementia. The reason is that the body-mind coordination, needed in active hobbies such as walking, running, or cycling can help to keep the neural pathways and connections in your mind strong as you age. Something that is believed to help counter the effect of dementia and even Athelziermens in some cases. A topic that you can read more about here.

Meet new people

Of course, active hobbies can also enrich your life at any point in many other ways as well. In particular, it can help you to expand your social circle and meet new people and make new friends. Something that can be hugely valuable in our current society where we seem to spend more time connecting over technology that we do in real life.
In fact, you will often find the pastimes that have an active element such as golf, running, and sailing also have a very vibrant social side as well. With clubs, parties and celebrations running throughout the year for those involved.

Gives you focus for your finance and collecting

Next, another benefit of discovering an active hobby is it can help you focus your spending in life. Concentrating your finances on a hobby is a good thing because without something to channel your funds it's easy to cave in to impulse and impractical buys that you never get your money worth out of, and end up cluttering up your house.
However, when you have an established active hobby, there is often a new piece of kit that could improve your performance or the enjoyment of the game like a pair of running shoes, a new bike, or even a new surfboard to be saved up for.
Of course, such equipment and supplies need to be purchased from those that know about their product and about the activity you are engaged in like the company that offers these golf cart sales online. Then, they can help you match up your purchase with your needs and sure you get the best value for money possible.

Get out the house

Another substantial benefit of taking up an active hobby is that it can help you to get out of the house much more regularly. After all, with mobile phones, the internet, and even remote working it can be effortless to stay indoors and never leave the house unless you don't have to.
Of course, this is not something that it either physically or psychologically healthy and it can even make conditions such as anxiety and depression worse. Therefore, having a reason that you perceive as valid and enjoyable to get you out into the big wide world and interacting with society is can be hugely valuable in life.

Active hobbies can get you out in the sun and fresh air.

Also, many active hobbies such as golf, sailing, and surfing mean that you have to spend time not just outside of the house, but actually outside. Being outside is hugely important because it helps you to fill your lungs with fresh, clean and oxygenated air on a regular basis, something that can improve your mood.
Also, being outside, as long as you are wearing adequate sun protection is a great way to get more vitamin D, as this is produced in your body by being exposed to the sunlight. Something else that is linked to positive moods and wellbeing.

Gives you a focus and a goal

Lastly, an active hobby’s benefits can go beyond the primary physical and mental benefits of creating endorphins via movement that circulate in your systems. In fact, it can be precious in maintaining a positive mental state because it provides goals and challenges to work to.
Goals are essential for a feeling of self-esteem and well being because by doing something that challenges us, we see that we can overcome adversity and push through discomfort and achieve what we have set out to do. Something that can be hugely satisfying, as well as boost our confidence in other areas, and so have a positive effect on the rest of our lives.