Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tips for Travelers to Maui

Before visiting any destination, it is always useful to learn about the location and arm yourself with useful information so as to make the most of your trip. After all, every traveler would prefer to make the most out of his time and money. Thus, one should start researching about the trip, the best time to visit, where to stay and what are the must-see attractions that should not be missed. Maui is a popular travel destination, and if one is a first-time traveler, he can be at a total loss as to how to ensure that relaxing vacation. Maui is loaded with tourist attractions, and it is indeed hard to resist those spectacular coastlines and white sand beaches with crystal blue waters. Depending on whether one is looking for a laid-back holiday or action filled one, one can design their trip the way they want.  There are world class entertainment sites on Maui as well as excellent lodging options to explore. Maui beach villa rentals are getting increasingly popular with holidaymakers because of their quality series and affordability plus top locations. Thus, if you are planning to visit Maui, read to learn about some useful tips to make your trip as good as possible.

When to go, what to carry and other information
The best times to visit Maui are between September and November and later April through May. This is the time when the weather is perfect and very pleasant. There is no need to carry heavy warm clothing as the weather is warm and comfortable. Keep your face protected with a pair of sunglasses and a hat. As there are many beaches and waterfalls to explore, do carry a few changes of swimsuits. You will definitely need a car for getting around. Look for a reputed company and get a car with a GPS. The official languages which are spoken include English and Hawaiian.

How to enjoy Maui affordably
As the Hawaiian Islands are some of most remote islands, everything is shipped in and is expensive. This doesn’t mean that holidaying in Maui should be expensive. After all, there are dozens of ways to experience the natural beauty of the place without spending a lot.  One can look for free or budget-friendly entertainment. Just check out the hula shows that are for free or participle in free events such as arts and crafts sessions and hula classes. Enjoy free music shows on the Baldwin House and the weekly “Friday Town Parties. As car rentals can be expensive, one can look for a Maui that covers most points on the island and follows a convenient schedule. An integral part of a Maui vacation is to spend a day at the beach and enjoy the sunsets. Hiking trails are fun and a great way to explore the island. You can also save money by camping out and making good use of a campground instead of staying in an expensive hotel. Most restaurants run hours when one can enjoy great meals at very low prices. If you love golf, then you can save 50% by playing in the afternoon. Spend a day in a museum, especially if it is very hot or rainy outside. One of the best ways to get an authentic experience is by volunteering with specific organizations.

Top attractions in Maui
Maui has been chosen as the best island in the United States consistently and for some good reasons.
There are glorious beaches, spectacular sunrises and sunsets to enjoy and many other appealing attributes.
  • Explore the wonderful assortment of botanical gardens in Maui bursting with floral splendor and plant life.
  • Snorkel, scuba dive and sail if looking for some water adventure. The breezy offshore waters of Maui are ideal for sailing while Honolua Bay and Molokini are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving.
  • Rent a car and take a drive around Maui. The most popular and scenic drive is the Road to Hana and wail take one through plantation towns, winding lava shores,  towering forests, and miles of beaches.
  • Maui is a shopper's paradise with its numerous galleries, international shops, designer boutiques, and shopping malls, not to mention its great farmer's markets and swap meets.
  • Maui is indeed a paradise for shoppers, and one can shop for specialty items that are unique to Hawaii such as the oil paintings and sculptures, beautiful native woods, woven hats and hand painted fashions or their one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry, glasswork, and art.
  • Some of the most recommended paid activities on Maui include UFO Parasail and Zipline Tours.

Some other tips
  • If planning to spend lots of time outdoors, carry sunscreen and water plus seem refreshments to keep yourself hydrated sufficiently.
  • Head towards the west of Maui if raring for action and adventure and those looking for a shopping spree can head to Lahaina.
  • The ideal choice for honeymooners and romantic couples would be the South part of Maui where once can find loads of spots with privacy.
  • Maui attracts water sports enthusiasts who arrive here to enjoy skiing, kayaking, and parasailing. However, be cautious about the powerful offshore winds and tempest currents and avoid sporting activities if the weather conditions are not favorable.
  • Always carry your camera with you as Hawaiian Islands are famous for creating the most amazing rainbows every day of the year.
The right information and careful planning can save you both hassle and money once you reach Hawaii. You come back with some great experiences and lifetime memories.