Saturday, March 10, 2018

How To Hit The Sound System Sweet Spot

Millennial tech is designed to be minimal and stylish, but ultimately functional. This generation doesn’t want a lot of stuff, but the items you do own should be of the highest quality, utilized to bring maximal pleasure. The amount of music Americans listen to has soared in recent years, from 23.5 hours a week in 2015 to over 32 in 2017. This is part of a move towards spending time having mood-boosting experiences over buying commercial products. However, to get the maximum benefit out of listening to music, you need to have the right sound system in place.

What does a good sound system sound like?

A huge amount of work goes into recording an album. However, some of the sounds can be lost through poor quality speakers. When you listen to an album, do you just hear a singer and the main instrument? The chances are there is much more going on in the background.
High-quality audio will create a ‘jolt factor’: that moment where the music comes alive and you can’t help but dance along. You’ll notice every breath, quiet backing vocals, a subtle drumbeat. These deeper sensations let you know you’ve got your hands a great sound system.

Speakers and wires

There’s no getting around the fact that cheap speakers will never hit the same standard as something from the top of the range. However, you don’t need to invest big money for the greatest surround sound experience. A pair of high-quality bookshelf speakers can create a great atmosphere if used correctly.

Get to know your speaker’s settings. Do they cope well with bass or is a better audio created by turning up and highs and mids only? To get the most out of your sound system, you’ll also need enough electrical current. This means purchasing a thicker wire. Regardless of the speakers you own, they won’t reach their potential without high-quality wires.


The sound from the speakers doesn’t just magically teleport straight into your ears. The sound must first travel through the air, which means placement is everything. Firstly, ensure nothing is blocking the speakers as this will muffle the output. Next, consider your position in relation to the sound system. If you are behind it or to its side, you will likely miss some of the audio you’re craving. Find a position on the edge of the room, perhaps high up in the corner facing downwards, where the music can fill the space.

Speaking of rooms, you’ll get the most benefit from somewhere with good acoustics. An echoey room with high ceilings which amplifies sound is best. The speakers should be raised from the ground but secured firmly. This will decrease vibrations which can add unwanted noise.

Once you have the highest quality speakers you can afford, with a strong wire to match, you need to think carefully about placement. It can be tempting to drop a sound system wherever is convenient, but this can lead to muffled music. Instead, experiment with placing your speakers in different locations. You’ll notice a significant improvement, allowing you to get the most from your music experience.