Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Suit Hacks to Make You Smoulder

There’s nothing sexier than a man in a smart suit, providing that the suit fits him well and isn’t crumpled of course! So, if you want to blow them away, you’re going to want to invest in a few sharp suits and do your best to wear them well. Here are some simple suit hacks that should help you with that:


Know What an Ill-Fitting Suit Jacket Looks Like

An ill-fitting suit doesn’t impress anyone, so you’ll want to avoid it. The main signs of ill-fitting suits are shoulders that are devoted, buttons that look fit to burst, the shape of an X appearing when the jacket is fastened and excessive width. If you can avoid these things, then chances are your jacket fits well.

Keep Your Shirt Under Control

Your shirt is an important part of your suit. If it looks crisp, clean and unwrinkled, and it stays put, then you will look at least ten times more dapper. That’s where shirt stays from Comfy Clothiers come in. They act as suspenders for your shirt, keeping it in place and in style all day long.

Keep the Bottom Button Unfastened

You can just fasten the middle button a three-button jacket, and you can button the first two too, but you shouldn’t fasten the bottom button if the suit jacket is a double-breasted one.

Sleeve to Knuckle

Your jacket sleeve should reach the knuckle of your thumb and no further for that perfect fit.

Pant Meets Leather

If you’re wondering whether your suit trousers are a good fit, as well as ensuring that they are snug to your body without being too tight, you should also ensure that the bottom of your pants touches the top of your shoes - if there is a space between them, then you need to go longer.

Get Your Suits Adjusted

If you can afford to, then buying a tailor-made suit, from the likes of Art Lewin Bespoke Tailors, is the best way to ensure that you look as good in it as possible; if that isn’t a possibility buy off the peg, but have a local seamstress or tailor adjust it so that it fits your body even better.

Unfasten Before Sitting

No, not your pants, your jacket. Why? Because when you sit down, if you leave your jacket buttoned, it will start to ruin them, and possibly even alter the shape of your jacket, which means that, even if you look amazing now, you might not in a few months’ time.

Charcoal is the Way to Go

If you only have a limited budget, and you can only afford a single suit, you should opt for charcoal because it is a color that will match more of your shirts and accessories than black or navy, which only work well with a conjunction of other patterns and colors.

A Pocket Square is More Sophisticated

Whenever you wear a suit, wear a pocket square that matches your suit or your shoes or even your socks. It makes your outfit stand out more and adds some extra sophistication to your suit.

Use these hacks, and you’re sure to smoulder whenever you wear a suit.