Friday, November 10, 2017

Become A Wanderlust Warrior

The world is an incredible place. It is full of natural wonders, exotic beaches and tons of different cultures. If you are into travel, you will one day want to visit some of the most stunning places in the world and tick them off your bucket list, and if you don’t already know that places you want to visit… let us help you out.

The world is full of amazing places to see and spectacles to witness, and most of us don’t manage to see these wonders firsthand within our lifetimes. However, if you do want to feed the wanderlust warrior within you and go to find these beautiful places, then start off by reading this list. You’ll soon be packing your bags and jetting off on a crazy adventure.
Fly Geyser in Nevada

Fly Geyser a located on a private island in Nevada. It is approximately 5 feet high and 12 feet wide, and it is its unique shape which really attracts the attention of the tourists who visit. The geyser itself is a spectacular site and is one which almost looks as though it belongs in space, not earth. It is incredibly impressive and should definitely be one for the travel list.

Abraham Lake in Canada  

Abraham Lake is a man-made lake which is situated near the upper course of the North Saskatchewan River. It was created in 1972, and the government at the time held a contest to name the new lake. Although it is not a natural wonder, the coloring of the lake is not artificial. The bright blue comes from the glacial lakes which reside in the Rocky Mountains and is caused by rock flour.  

Dallol Volcano in Ethiopia
Situated in the Erta Ale Range in the country, Dallol is a cinder cone volcano. It was formed in 1926 due to eruptions and hydrothermal activity in the area. The craters are 45 m below sea level, which makes them the lowest craters in the entire world. In the area, there is an abundance of hot springs which discharge acid and brine. The volcano is also surrounded by green acid ponds and salt desert plains. It is an incredible natural site and almost resembles one of the other items on this list: the hot springs which reside in Yellowstone Park.
Ice Cave Near The Mutnovsky Volcano in Russia

This cave was formed by a stream which flows through the icy glaciers underneath the volcano. It is half a mile long and most of the time the passage is too small to enter. However, when the passage does open up, you are presented with the most stunning pearlescent glass effect- it doesn’t look like it belongs on Earth at all.

Zhangye Danxia Landform In Gansu, China

This national park is full to the brim of stunning views including grassy plains and huge red cliffs which jut out monstrously from the landscape. There are hundreds of sharp cliffs and ridges in the area, and over time erosion has led some them to take the likeness of animals, people, and even castles.
Son Doong Cave in Vietnam

Sơn Đoòng Cave is situated in Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park. It is the largest cave in the world and contains a fast-flowing river within. The cave is thought to have formed over 2 million years ago, and may even be as old as 5 million years old.  

Dragonblood Trees in Socotra, Yemen

Trees that bleed. Yes, you read that right. What is so incredible and unique about these trees which grow in the Yemen is the fact that they release a deep red sap when cut or disturbed. It resembles blood and can make many people feel a little uncomfortable. They only grow in this region of the world, but imagine having one of those as a Halloween decoration?

Antelope Canyon in the United States
Everyone has heard of the Grand Canyon, which is the most famous canyon range in the world. However, there is another canyon range which is just as impressive as the Grand Canyon and less well-known. Antelope canyon resides in the southwest of the USA and is a scenic slot canyon which is a stunning place to visit.

Ice Cave in Oregon

The Ice Cave in Oregon is just as impressive as the one in Russia and consists of multiple pits, of which only two have cave access for visitors. It is a stunning place and kind of feels like something you would see in an Alien movie.

Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming

This is perhaps the most impressive and famous of all, and these hot springs are a huge tourist attraction. Based within Yellowstone Park, the prismatic spring reaches 121 feet into the earth and stretches for a staggering 370 feet in diameter. The most stunning feature of this spring is the rainbow of colors. The colors are caused by different species of heat-loving bacteria, and the colors change as you reach closer to the center of the spring. A fun fact about these microbes is that in studying them, the research led to the discovery and sequencing of the human genome.
Hidden Waterfalls of Langkawi

Langkawi is the largest of 99 islands and is a popular place in Malaysia. It is overlooked by westerners often, which is a shame because properties Malaysia are affordable and the things you can see are spectacular. The hidden waterfalls are the most popular feature of the island and are stunning to see. They are hidden within the dense forests of the island, but once you find them you’ll fall in love.

The Northern Lights, Iceland

Finally, not technically a location in itself but still a phenomenal spectacle to see- the northern lights are seen in countries far north in the winter, and they consist of a dazzling light show which dances across the night sky. The cause of these colors are particles being drawn to the north pole and colliding with the earth’s atmosphere, exploding into different colors in the sky.