Sunday, November 19, 2017

Beautiful Countries To Visit Before You Die

It can be hard to think of exciting travel destinations when you feel as if you’ve already been everywhere you want to go. The curse of a travel fanatic is that they see all the best places in the world and then they lose their steam. Where do you go once you’ve run out of places to which to travel? You start to consider places you’d never considered before. You might have visited everywhere in the world that you’ve ever wanted to visit but that might just mean that you’d never previously been adventurous enough with your travel wishlist. Nobody can ever see “everywhere” in the world.

It’s time to think outside the box. Traveling is an exciting experience because you can never see it all; that means the unknown is always out there. Okay, somebody’s seen pretty much every square inch of the earth but you haven’t. And seeing pictures of pretty destinations on Instagram doesn’t count. You can’t beat a real-life experience of a beautiful place. And if you’re running low on inspiration then it’s time to broaden your horizons. That might be a cheesy line but it’s true. Here are some of the beautiful countries you need to visit before you die.


Australia is a stunning and mysterious place. Despite its immense size and bubbly modern culture, it’s a sparsely populated place. That means it’s a country which boasts a beautiful blend of stunning natural scenery and vibrant cities packed full of awe-inspiring skyscrapers, exciting events, and coastlines with the classic surfer stereotypes. It’s everything that you’d imagine it’d be from films and the media but it’s also so much more. With incredibly intriguing ecosystems that are unlike anything on earth as well as highly-cultured cities packed full of human life, this really is a country that provides landscapes on both ends of the spectrum.

You should start off with a visit to Sydney. That might seem a little typical but it is a beautiful city. As we’ve mentioned before, it’s the destination people visit if they’re searching for a highly cultured place. It obviously boasts the iconic Sydney Opera House. That’s a landmark which is known worldwide but it’s more than visually impressive. The architecture makes a great first impression, of course (it’s even better in person), but there are also fantastic shows on offer in this incredible building. Obviously, once you’re done with culture, you can get changed out of your suit and into your swim gear to try out some diving and snorkeling off some of Sydney’s stunning beaches. There’s something special about Australian coastlines; there's an energy and warmth which comes from the vibrant people as much as the natural heat.


What kind of list would this be without France? There’s little doubt that this is the most beautiful country in the world; it’s home to Paris. And, beyond being the global city of “romance”, the capital offers a lot of natural beauty and exquisite culture. As mentioned over at, Paris is one of the most distinguished cities in the world and there’s good reason for this. Iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe are testaments to magnificent French architecture.

But it’s the bakeries which make France so special. Even if you venture outside the capital (which you should, as suggested over at, you’ll find splendid bakeries all over the country. You need to try an authentic baguette and a pain au chocolat; cheap imitations will never taste the same after you’ve had the real thing. Of course, French cuisine is beautifully delicious on the whole.


Indonesia is a stunning country. Made up of thousands of islands, it’s hard to know where to start. You should definitely start with Java. It’s home to cities such as Magelang which boast sites such as Borobudur Temple (an ancient Buddhist site). If you really fall in love with the country then you might never want to leave, of course. You could check out sites such as for a look into some of the properties in beautiful cities such as Jakarta (also on the island of Java). As the capital of this beautiful country, Jakarta is certainly the heart of all the culture and wonder of Indonesia. It’s definitely worth visiting. Whichever of the islands you choose to visit, however, you’ll have an eye-opening experience into the beauty of Indonesian culture both past and present.


Let’s get it out of the way: London. The capital is an incredible city well worth seeing, of course. It’s the hub of both ancient history and modern, contemporary culture. It has something for everybody. Perhaps you might have misplaced preconceptions that this city (and England as a whole) is drab, dreary, and forever drenched in rain. Okay, it may not be the warmest or the sunniest place in the world but that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. The city of London offers a look into past centuries through public buildings such as the Natural History Museum. If you’re looking for something a little more lighthearted and fun then you could try an escape room such as Enigma Quests.

We could be here forever discussing all the many things to do and see in London; you probably know about all the iconic landmarks and you’ve already planned a route to see them all. However, there’s a lot more to England than London. If you head north then you could explore fantastic cities such as Manchester. It offers the National Football Museum if you want to learn about the history of the beautiful game. If you’re more interested in natural beauty, however, then you should head to Didsbury Park. Even in the center of an urban environment, Manchester still offers heaps of natural beauty. And we’ve only talked about 2 British places; think of how much more this great country has to offer. Put the Lake District on your “To See” list.