Saturday, November 25, 2017

Adventure Across Any Terrain In A Vehicle With These Essential Items

It's a tough old world out there, and sometimes to be a successful traveller and adventurer you need to be tougher, especially when it comes to driving adventures. Although sometimes, if you are clever about it being smarter will do too. In fact, it's a lot easier to be smarter than it is tougher, and so with that in mind check out my guide to essential travel items that will help you successfully drive wherever your wanderlust takes you.

Ziplock bags

Believe it or not, a boring little ziplock bag can be very handy on any type of travel adventure, and they can definitely be used on driving trips too. Their value is that they are waterproof and they can keep things fresh. That means they make them an excellent place to keep your phone and any other loose electronic equipment, just in case the 4X4 you are currently driving through a creek isn't as watertight as you'd like.

They also make a great solution on how to keep your lunch fresh. Remember there is probably no Subway sandwich shop out in the middle of the wildness, so never leave home without them!


Of course, GPS is vital to any vehicle-based adventure, especially one that includes off-roading. This is because it's super easy to get lost, even when we have that little electronic voice telling us what street to turn down, so imagine what trouble you could get into in the jungle or desert! That is why you need a satellite GPS with you all times, as then you will always be able to find your location and the way back to base camp.

Climate appropriate clothes

Next, just because you are riding in a vehicle, one that might just have air conditioning if you are lucky, it doesn't mean you can neglect to choose the right clothing.

After all, you will want to get out of the cab at some point and take a look around. You may even have to exit the vehicle to give it a push start or dig it out of muddy puddle during your adrenaline-fuelled drive so you will want to be as comfortable as possible while you do it.

4wd snorkels

Another essential that can make all the difference in your driving adventure something like these 4wd snorkels made by Airflow. The idea is that they are fixed to the front of your car, and then you can safely drive through water traps, creeks, and streams as the snorkel sucks clean, dry air into the engine.

Even shallow water can threaten your progress if it gets into the engine. 

Something that means you are much less likely to break down because of water damage, and you can continue on your trip unimpeded.

Vehicle protectors

Lastly, a vital piece of equipment that you would be wise to take on any vehicular adventuring are some vehicle protectors. These are items that cover the front and back lights while still allowing them to function as normal. They help to prevent any breakages and damage to these essential parts of your car, allowing you to travel safely and push on with your adventure no matter how tough the going gets.