Wednesday, October 11, 2017

What's Life Without A Playful Gadget?

Photo credit: @edihartonoliem via Instagram

Playfulness in children and animals is interpreted as a sign of intelligence. While we rightly transfer the conclusion to the area of playfulness in adults, we are missing essential elements in this humoristic equation. Playful adults don’t only display intelligence and humor; but they can also reinterpret the situations in their lives in an entertaining way, which helps them to reduce stress. Playfulness is an independent personality trait that gives you a superpower in everyday life: It enables you to relax in the most challenging situations, whether your flight is delayed by several hours or you’re having a bad day at work. Naturally, there’s a balance to hold about playfulness. If you express too much of it in the wrong situation, people may not take you seriously. Too little, and you're struggling with stress and anxiety disorders. So the best way to introduce a controlled level of entertainment and fun in your life is to rely on your favorite gadgets.

The unavoidable video games that keep you entertained

Everyone enjoys a game. While serious gamers prefer to invest in high tech PC and game consoles, average users rely on their smartphone to keep them entertained. Scientifically, playing video games can help you to reduce stress and depression, so there’s nothing stopping you from playing a couple of rounds of Angry Birds on your phone. Contrary to the common belief, video games are less addictive than you think, as they are self-contained within a plot. Once the plot has reached its conclusion, the game is over. But in the meantime, you feel more relaxed.

The party at home feeling that you all crave for

What’s a playful gadget outside of my smartphone, you ask? The answer is simple: it’s an item that enables you to have fun, alone or with your friends and relatives. There are plenty of playful items that help you to target your stress levels, from a favorite of homemade parties the portable beer keg dispenser that turns your home into a semi-professional bar, to a bouncy trampoline party in the garden. Having fun is about forgetting your everyday worries for a moment. So you can be sure that gadgets that bring you and your friends together rank high on the list of playful essentials. Admittedly not everyone would love to get a professional setup for their home bar. But be honest: It’s a lot more fun than a protein shaker!

Keeping your sense of humor

How about the little household gadget that brings a smile on your face every time you lay your eyes on it? It doesn’t have to be high tech or expensive. It could be a cool tea infuser or a funny smartphone holder. Preserving your sense of humor is not a luxury for trendy teenagers. It’s a necessity to deal with the lemons that life gives you. Being able to sit down and smile when you look at the bottom of your teacup or your washing-up sponge on the sink is precisely the kind of things that keep your mind strong day after day.

They say that a life without a smile is not worth living. Let’s modernize the saying for the Millennial generation. A life without a playful gadget is not worth geeking. So live a little: Be playful!