Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Planning A Trip Abroad? Travel Apps That You'll Actually Use!


It is fashionable to travel the globe, document your trip on social media and overall be as active in culture as you can. Immersing yourself in the best countries across the globe is all about being inclusive and willing to explore, and part of that will come in the planning of your next adventure.

Planning adventures is where it all truly begins, as you document everything from visas required, destinations you want to visit and the landmarks within that you want to see the most. Going with a company for your travel arrangements is a great way to keep everything in one place and relieve some of the stress, especially if you’re going as a group. Check out this site for some of the best group travel deals around. If you’re planning on going it alone and exploring the sights of central America, you need to get savvy with your planning! Part of your planning is going to be online and to make life easier, we’ve put together a list of the best travel apps out there that you’ll actually use!


Okay, so you have heard of Skype and WhatsApp – who hasn’t? – but both of these require you to have a decent wifi connection to make calls. They’re the leaders in international calling, but everything has a weakness and without decent internet, you cannot make a call. Rebtel is an app that ‘hijacks’ local phone lines to make the right calls for your needs.


When you climb into your car, you often rely on the GPS navigation to get you from place to place. This is no different when you go abroad. Waze is an excellent app that can draw what it needs from a community of drivers, creating the most accurate road data out there. This is a great way to help avoid the traffic!

Google Trips

There’s nothing like a good notepad itinerary, but Google Trips has just made that itinerary electronic. Keeping yourself paper-free is so much easier and it gathers all your info from your inbox, meaning you don’t need to keep that brochure from three years ago that you’ve been saving!


We all love a bargain, and a big part of global travel is hunting out those bargains and making them work for your budget. Hopper doesn’t just give you the latest costings for flights, it can notify you of when to book your flight so you get the best deal out there.


Are you one of those people who tend to write list after list of things that you need to pack and yet loses every list they make? This app helps you to generate a packing list for your break and all you have to do is put in a date of travel, how long you’re going and the destination. Voila! Bespoke packing help and one app to do it for you.

Your technology could make life so much simpler just by being there for you when you go abroad. Make it happen and enjoy your latest adventure.