Sunday, October 08, 2017

Techtastic! Why We Can't Stop Playing Mobile Games

What is it that makes mobile gaming so popular. Every year, we download millions of new gaming apps for our phones. In fact, these apps are typically more popular than the type you can get for your console or PC. There are numerous reasons why gaming on the phone has become so popular. Let’s look at a few of the reasons why this has become such as a brilliant way to game.

It’s Great For Average Gamers

Games on your phone don’t tend to take hours on end to complete. They don’t even need your complete attention. Instead, you can flick on the app, play a couple rounds of your favorite game like Angry Birds and then quickly click off it. You have had your fun, and now you can go about your day. As any gamer will tell you, gaming on consoles or the PC isn’t that easy. First, you need to load up the console, then the game, all of which for an AAA game can take at least ten minutes. After that, you might play for an hour, two or if the game is seriously addictive ten. These are experiences that ideally suited for hardcore gamers but not a mainstream audience. A mainstream audience would much rather play an app on their phone.

Main Titles In Your Hand

You might think that this means there are no games on the phones for hardcore gamers, but that’s not true. Some of the biggest gaming franchises now have titles for the phone such as Final Fantasy. As a lover of the franchise gamers will not want to miss out on the chance to revisit the land of the fifteenth title in the series for a fresh experience. Rather than controlling one character, you can lead armies in a twist on the League of Legends set up. This is not the only major title that is now available on the phone. There are plenty of others like Hitman. With the new Hitman mobile game, there are lots of new exciting ways to take out a target, even on the small screen. Tomb Raider, Pokemon, and Sonic have also had games out for the phone that are just as fun to play as the originals.

New Ways To Engage With Different Franchises

Of course, it’s not just IPs from consoles that appear in games for the phone. Other franchises have also appeared in gaming form from Snoopy to The Simpsons and yes, even The Kardashians. It’s an incredible way to explore a fandom that you have probably been part of for years. The fact is that these franchises won’t waste the money or time creating new titles for consoles because it is too expensive and the audience isn’t there. Niche audiences and even new customers can find these franchises on their phone and play the games for free or for a small fee. Of course, mobile gaming has also brought fresh experiences or improved on existing gaming possibilities.

Taking Sim Games To The Next Level

Sim games have always been popular and if you want the best example of this just look at The Sims or possibly Sim City. The problem is that these games often run in real time. So, if you leave your Sim alone for a long period they will deteriorate, or the city will get ruined. People don’t tend to console game or even PC game every day, but they do on their phones, making it perfect for sim gaming. Games can also be developed that don’t need constant attention but can be checked on from time to time. This is just one of the ways that phone gaming has improved a previous type of video game. It’s not the only type of gaming that has been improved through phones though. Phones have also been at the forefront of gaming that uses VR and AR tech, arguably two of the next advancements in gaming.

It’s true that Sony has Microsoft has their own form of VR for their consoles. Samsung has also developed a VR headset for the PC, but these are incredibly expensive. VR gaming on the phone is considerably cheaper and usually only requires a small basic device to add on to it. A great example of this would be Google Cardboard. The device is made out of the most basic materials to keep costs down.

It seems then that there are various reasons why mobile gaming is so popular and fantastic for not just gamers but a more mainstream audience as well.