Thursday, October 12, 2017

Relaxing: It's Good For Your Health

A standard eight-hour work day isn’t just a standard day anymore. With commute times added on, most people spend up to twelve hours away from their homes and working in an office for someone else. Commuting, spending most days working away at the office and spending time with people who aren’t your friends and family- it’s stressful. We grow up from childhood and spend more time being busy and working than we do relaxing and taking time to unwind, and this can really creep up on us when we aren’t looking.

Health is one of the biggest topics out there that people talk about. Depression and anxiety are on the rise and if you aren’t taking the time to look after yourself and destress, you could be caught up in the same cycle of stress that a lot of people do. So, how can you take the time to relax after a long working day?

Exercise. Working out – for some – isn’t at all relaxing. It’s painful, it takes a toll on the body and it can exhaust you. But the adrenaline burst that you get afterwards? The endorphins that flood your body? Those are worth it for the muscle aches! You can choose things like swimming or yoga for meditative, more gentle exercise to detach from a stressful day.

Gaming. For some people, choosing to grab the latest gaming console or play roulette online is enough of a way to relax from a hard day. Taking your mind out of reality and placing it firmly in the gaming world can give you something else to focus on and enjoy. If you aren’t a fan of online gaming, or you simply want to get away from the screens of the computers, you could take your play time outside and watch a sport or play yourself!

Read. As with gaming, reading is an escape from the noise and the world you live in physically. Take a moment to curl up in a soft, squashy chair and sink into a novel that you have been waiting to crack open. Accompany it with some chocolate and a hot drink, and you can literally feel the tension leave your muscles.

Pamper. Most people love the feeling of sinking into a hot bath or standing under a powerful shower, so why not take an evening and pamper yourself? Facemasks, pampering scrubs and even a jacuzzi attachment for the bath can make a difference to your pampering session!

Socialize. Being with friends and family that you don’t see through the day can often be the tonic you need to unwind. Sitting and laughing together can help you to relax and any grievances you have through the working day can be vented and discussed, which can help you come to decisions that are needed with work.

You need to be able to take yourself away from stress and relax as much as you can. A well-rested you is one that can function properly throughout the day!