Sunday, October 22, 2017

Don Mateo Seafood and Chicken Grill

In a nation of more than 7,000 islands, you know you're in for some serious seafood. The Philippines is an integral part of the Coral Triangle, which means our country has rich marine resources. It's no wonder that seafood will always be in every Filipino's menu. Truth be told, Cagayan de Oro City is recognized as home to many food establishments serving seafood. 

However, if you want to have a feast on mouth-watering Filipino food with the freshest seafood and wide array of savory dishes at an affordable price, then head off to the newly opened Don Mateo Seafood and Grill

Don Mateo is a family restaurant with a no-frills atmosphere but enough seafood to satisfy the whole neighborhood. My personal favorite and also a definite must-try is the Don Mateo's Chicken Inasal that already comes with unlimited rice and drinks for only 99 pesos! Their barkada blow-out platters also come highly recommended. There's a big variety of seafood dishes and grilled items to choose from and all of them are good! Other things you should not miss to try is their buko-halo and mango tapioca.

The facade is clean and the whole place is enough to cater to a lot of customers. Since we arrived late in the afternoon, the lighting inside the restaurant is dimly lit already. Every corner has been decorated with cute items so that you can take a photo with your friends or family while having dinner.

The ambiance and live bands performing every weekend make every outing at Don Mateo's a winner! Don Mateo Seafood and Chicken Grill is located at Pabayo-Gomez Street, Cagayan de Oro City and is open from 10AM-11PM.