Friday, September 08, 2017

What Really Makes The Rebel Look So Darn Appealing?

Men around the world stood to attention and took notice of on-screen characters like Mad Max, The Terminator, and James Bond when they first appeared on the scene. Suddenly, dressing like you didn’t care hot and both men and women wished they had that kind of confidence. The more you look into this kind of fashion sense of leather jackets, straight cut jeans and rugged boots, the more you realize that actually, it does take a lot of effort to look like you haven’t tried. On top of this, it's a very masculine and domineering look, so you can’t quite venture outside of the box too far else you lose the pure aim of the style. You’re probably wondering, what can you do, to start looking like the man that doesn’t abide by societal norms. Well, there are a few ground rules you must adhere to if you want this rugged look.

The haircut

Many men these days want to blend a little neutral or feminine style in their hair, by either having it long or using straighteners to control the hair in a uniform way. However, the sort of Daniel Craig, rebel James Bond character support a British classic. The classic or traditional side parting, sometimes called a neat parting, is a haircut that has existed for centuries. Your side hair must be trimmed down to the number sizes, and preferably, blended into the top of your hair. Hair is then combed to the opposite side of the parting, as to show the clean, clear cut line. The modern variation of this style is called the pompadour, which many soccer players wear, but again, do so with a slightly neutral way, by wearing it long.  

Rough and gruff

Mad Max didn’t have time to shave; he was too busy dodging missiles and gun blasts in his roaring V8 muscle car. If you’re a businessman, then sure, go ahead and clean shave every morning to look presentable to your boardroom. On the other hand, if you’re a man’s man but still full of youth and attitude, stubble is the way to go. Modern beard trimmers can be set to a finite position, so every time you use them, they only cut a certain amount of hair up to a specified length. You can read reviews online and together with their star rating, pick the right product for you. You’ll need to maintain this stubble, so trimmed every 2-3 days is essential to keep the beard from overgrowing and destabilizing the look.

The natural man

Once upon a time, there may have been an appeal for men to shave their chest hair and manage other visible areas of hair, such as the forearms. But, for the rebel, hair is a sign of testosterone and should be used to your advantage. Don’t trim your forearm hair to try and manage it and don’t worry about it when you’re wearing a t-shirt. Equally, let your chest hair flourish and grow, if a bit of it pops out the top of your t-shirt at the best of your throat, rock it with pride and don’t try to readjust your clothes to hide it.  

What truly makes the rebel look appealing to women is that you don’t look like you’ve been standing in front of the mirror, as much as they have. It's also less hassle for men who just want to put on their clothes and go outside without having to be so self-conscious.