Wednesday, September 13, 2017


If you’re in Cebu and have gone around the city, you’ll notice the number of new establishments popping left and right. And by that I mean, new places to hang, eat, chill and unwind with family or friends. I just moved in here in the city and for the past few weeks, it was no shocker that there still a lot of places that I still have to try.

About 2 months ago, my blogger-BFF, Pearl Aton (a.k.a The Wandering Dreamer), decided to invite me to go with her and do some catching up over coffee. It was supposed to be very quick because she till had some errands to take care of but good heavens, we ended up talking for hours! It was her who gave me a heads up of the new coffee shop, which happens to be near the place where I live. And being the coffee shop buff that I am, it’s always a YES for me!

Behold, PICASSO COFFEE! This new place is situated at the heart of the city and I am not kidding. They’re on the corner of Escario Street and Gorordo Avenue. The big signage outside the café makes it easy to spot, most especially at night.

Picasso Coffee’s interior design took inspiration from Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th Century.  The place is mostly white and black with hints of red. Furthermore, you can also find Picasso-inspired paintings, most remarkably on its entrance downstairs. The coffee shop is owned by Mr. Steve Bae, Korean and self-confessed coffee lover! He wanted to offer something new and different to the customers; hence, the art-inspired space!

Aside from a variety of tables that can accommodate a duo up to a group of 6, they also have cubicles that can be occupied by groups. I think it’s a good spot for groups who wants to have a study sesh or meetings (lol).

Picasso Coffee has several options available for food and drinks, so many that it’s really difficult to choose what to feast on!  There are quite a lot of coffee-based drinks as well as smoothies and the likes for non-coffee drinkers.

They’re open from 9AM to 3AM daily. Price range? Php140-Php200. Free wifi? YES! Do let me know you’re in Cebu and if you’ve tried Picasso Coffee! I would love to hear your experience. Follow me on Instagram (@jjtubeo) for some real-time updates! ‘Til my next gastronomic adventure!

Side note: Hello, my dear readers! For the next few months, I’ll be sharing with you my food trip adventures here in Cebu because it’ll be quite a while since I’ll be back in Mindanao.  I hope my adventures here may deem useful to you if you’re planning to spend your weekend here! Enjoy!