Friday, August 04, 2017

The Most Relaxing Short Getaways

A relaxing getaway could be just what you need to ease stress and forget about work or anything else that’s causing you anxiety. Sometimes all you need is a short break to recharge your batteries and get your focus back on track. If you’re looking for inspiration for the best relaxing short getaways, fear not! There are some great suggestions on where you can go below to get out of your head and refresh your mind, body, and spirit.

A spa retreat

Spas are the ultimate haven for people who need some pampering and relaxation. Chilling out amongst beautiful surroundings, calming music and an overall peaceful atmosphere will encourage you to leave your stresses behind and just relax. Spa baths are also known for their many health benefits so you could return feeling all the more healthier for it. You can book yourself treatments to offer further relaxation or simply lay by the pool and enjoy being away from it all for a while.
A golf weekend
A golf weekend is another way to enjoy a short getaway that will help you feel relaxed by the end of it. As you’ll be outdoors doing a lot of walking, it’s a fairly active weekend that will be good for your well-being. Golfing holidays are popular with older people, but that’s no bad thing - they know how to take things easy and have a good time, so follow their example and join them. There are beautiful golf resorts all over the world that you can combine with sightseeing and the beach for a longer stay vacation in the future.
A fishing trip
You may never have considered a fishing trip before, but there are many reasons why you should. The chance to get out on the water and gather your thoughts and enjoy good conversation will help you to forget about the concerns that you have back home and the fresh air and views will also be beneficial for your mental health. Before you head out on your fishing trip, it’s important that you take the necessary supplies, and stores like Otto’s Tackle World have everything you need. Just don’t forget your waterproofs.
A beach break
Beach breaks don’t have to be for long, a few short days by the sea or by a hotel pool will be good for you to rest. Pick up a good book or two and pick a good location and just enjoy some downtime chilling out. Depending on where your nearest beach is, you could drive there and just enjoy a few days in a hotel nearby, or you could treat yourself and fly away to somewhere a bit further away.
A yoga retreat

Yoga is an excellent exercise for when you want to de-stress, and it comes with many health benefits. At a yoga retreat, you will learn more about the art of yoga, be able to perfect your technique and give yourself time to meditate and relax with some like-minded people. Yoga retreats can be quite intensive, even at a beginner stage and you may want to try a few sessions somewhere first to see how you get on and if you enjoy it. Yoga retreats are becoming more popular, so it’s likely that you’ll be able to source somewhere near to you if you want to enjoy a short weekend break for a peaceful break.
A food break
Food breaks are fantastic for meeting new people, trying out different cuisines and learning more about food in general and just enjoying yourself. Pick something that is unfamiliar to you will give you things to focus on and to distract you, so if you have been feeling down about something or you’ve been going through a tough time, a food break will be a good pick me up. Food is also very comforting, so you’ll feel really relaxed by the time you go home, equipped with some new cooking.

A relaxing break will have many benefits for your health, and the further you can go from home, the better as it’s worthwhile to put some physical distance between you and your home, where you’re more likely to dwell on your issues. After returning from your break, you may want to take up a relaxing hobby that you can go to whenever you’re feeling stressed or need to have a break from it all. When you find something that you love, that relaxes you and keeps you from feeling stressed; you’ll be far better at managing your anxiety for a more-rounded, healthier you.