Thursday, July 13, 2017

Your Week In Dubai– All Planned Out for You!

There are plenty of reasons as to why Dubai is a fantastic reason - but we're pretty sure you know most of these already. If you're planning a trip to Dubai - the jewel of the UAE, you're in luck. You're about to experience an incredible destination and make some great memories. In fact, you're in even more luck, you've got a plan for your trip. Here's your seven days in Dubai, all planned out for you!

Day 1 - Landing

You're going to land at DIA, Dubai International Airport, and you might be a bit groggy. Who can blame you? Hit up an airport transfer to your hotel and try to relax. You're going to need your energy.

Day 2 - Adventure

Dubai is a land of adventure, and if you're a bit of an adrenaline junky, you'll have a lot to like about Dubai. Combine your exploration with a bit of adventure and hit up a Motorbike Tour. If this isn't your thing, hit up for some different opportunities. The Motorbike tour can't be missed, though!   

Day 3 - The Clubbing

Dubai has an emergent nightlife scene, but take note - any public drinking or stupid behavior from intoxication might land you in jail. Don't take the risk. Be moderate and enjoy your night out. Longs Bar in Rotana is a typical English bar that's open until the early morning, but you might enjoy the tranquillity of Left Bank in Madinat Jumeirah if you want to try some of the best cocktails in Dubai

Day 4 - The Beach

Ouch. A hangover to nurse! Thankfully, Dubai has some of the best beaches in the world including Jumeirah Beach. Enjoy a beach BBQ, the sun and shade and repeat last night all over again at 360, a short walk from the Jumeirah Beach.

Day 5 - The Shopping

Hopefully, you've got some cash left, because it is time to splurge! Dubai is the best shopping city in the world and has plenty of Malls. In fact, the Dubai Mall itself could be a self-contained country. If you find yourself in Wafi Mall, try out Wafi Gourmet to enjoy some Lebanese dishes. Wash it all down with some more shopping, of course.

Day 6 - The Chill

Time to relax, one more time. Hit the beach, or enjoy a cafe. The Basta Art Cafe in Bastakiy is a great place to settle down and enjoy a breather. Seal the deal in Dubai with some great food. 800 Pizza serves such good pizza that you might think you were in Naples. If you fancy one more night out, head back to Longs.

Day 7 -  The Departure

Back to Dubai International Airport. Arrive with plenty of time - and cash, because you've got some final shopping to do. There is plenty to enjoy in the airport, and you might want to grab some duty-free shopping. The prices are pretty similar to the malls in Dubai - but you aren't in the mall, are you! Get home, relax and enjoy yourself once more. What an adventure!