Sunday, July 31, 2016


I love exploring! Well, who doesn’t? Traveling is probably one of the most exciting things that anyone could do. Exploring new countries, searching for new and exceptional food to fall in love with, and checking off some items on your bucket list. Whether you enjoy walking around, biking, or just relaxing, there’s a lot of fun to be done in the open.

On the other hand, traveling also means sitting for hours and being stuck in a 12-hour long flight or 5-hour long bus or train ride and that isn’t exactly fun and you realize that boredom is about to strike. It drains out your anticipation and you can’t help but feel impatient as you sit in your chair and stare outside the window. So in order to help you out in those boring journeys, here are three simple tips to keep you excited, occupied, and ready for when you finally arrive at your destination.

Look For Something Interesting To Do

If you carry a phone, tablet, or laptop almost everywhere you go while on travel–then you’ve found the answer to a dreary travel journey! Smartphones are great devices for travelers who want to be entertained. Let’s be grateful for the fact that most airports and many commercial airliners now support in-flight Wi-Fi so you can browse the web. Things you can do includes reading the news and chatting with friends online. You may also download movies, your favorite TV series, games, and eBooks to read to keep you occupied.

Another option you can do with your gadgets is to play games. There are tons of online games available on the internet, just like SugarHouse Online. As they say, you won’t notice how fast time goes by particularly when you’re having fun!

Give in and Feed Your Anticipation

One of the best ways to feel excited about a trip is to research about it. Browse through the internet about your destination using your phone or tablet. You can even check out those free magazines or travel guides available at the airport to sink in all the information, language, and culture before you get to your destination. Some of the things you need to look out for are the best tourist spots, local food that you need to try, and other fun activities that you can do while you’re there.

Get Some Sleep

Jet lag can ruin your entire trip and travel plans. Although this may vary from person to person, it’s always good to some extra sleep rather than forcing yourself to stay awake. This tip is useful especially if you travel from one time zone into another. You don’t want to waste an entire day sleeping and doing nothing while you recover from your flight. When you’re all pumped up, you won’t feel tired when you finally arrive at your destination.

If you find these travel tips useful and would want to share your own experience, feel free to leave a comment below and share how you enjoy while you're traveling.