Wednesday, July 26, 2017

If You Had To Go On Vacation For A Year, Where Would You Go?

Most holidays last a couple of weeks - a month at most. But after that, it’s back to work to carry on with your regular life. But if you’re one of those lucky people considering how to spend the next year overseas, where should you go? It turns out that there are dozens of countries around the world where you can get a 6-month tourist visa. There are even more countries where you’re allowed to stay as a working holidaymaker for up to two years. How good is that?

So, if you are planning a long trip somewhere, where should you go?


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If you’re looking to make your money go far, then Nepal is a great place to visit. Thanks to low wages, prices in the country are incredibly low, especially for things like meals and accommodation. The culture is very traditional and mostly lives high up in the Himalayan mountains, which means that it’s actually a great place to get healthy. Not only is being at altitude good for cardiovascular health, but the traditional rice-based diet is great for losing weight and getting fit. Of course, if you spend a year in Nepal, you’ll need to get fit. It’s one of the harshest and most physically demanding landscapes on Earth.


Kenya is a great place to go on vacation long term, not only because of all the work opportunities for Westerners but also the fact that it is a year-round safari destination. Being so close to the equator, Kenya doesn’t have the same seasonal patterns as Europe and North America. The winters are slightly cooler, but not by much, meaning that you can go and see wildlife in its natural habitat outside of peak tourist season.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island just off the south of mainland India. Though many tourists only stay a couple of weeks, it’s the sort of place you can easily fall in love with, thanks to its laid-back lifestyle and island vibe. In many ways, it has a Mediterranean vibe, with its beautiful sunsets and de-stressed party atmosphere, it’s very different to mainland Asia to the north.

So what can you do on the island? The cost of living on the island is relatively low, thanks to the low wages. That means that, as in Nepal, hotel accommodation and restaurants are incredibly cheap. But there’s also plenty of opportunities to enjoy things like surfing, chilling out at the beach and the wildlife (including Asian elephants).

The most popular places for long-term tourists to stay are Hikkaduwa and Kandy.


Chile was once under the iron fist of communism. But since the 1990s, the country has been turned around, and now it’s one of the most attractive destinations in all of South America. Thanks to its long Pacific coast, the nation has plenty of beaches. It’s also famous for its wine, thanks to its unique wine growing weather conditions.

A country is a place of contrast. The lush green coast stands in stark contrast to the Atacama desert, the driest place on Earth. There are plenty of places for budding photographers to snap great pictures.