Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Dress To Impress On Your Next Job Interview

Job interviews can be tough; the nerves, anticipation, and having to remember answers to questions that you haven’t even been asked yet. Therefore, it’s vital to get off to a great start by feeling confident in your appearance and looking your best. If you feel smart and well-groomed as you wait to go into whatever office you’re being interviewed in; the rest will seem a little easier, and you won’t be fidgeting in your seat to adjust your attire. The following are some things to consider if you have an interview coming up and need some help to prepare.

Look Sharp

Whatever job you’re being interviewed for; you’ll need to look as smart as possible. Whether you after a business role in a modern office environment, or you’re after a hands-on physical career in building work; your potential employer will notice the effort that you made that day, and it shows that you care about being there. A classic suit, shirt, and tie is always a great outfit option. If you can’t afford a new suit (until your first payday; think positive), there’s always the option of hiring a decent one for a fraction of the cost.

If you have a number of interviews lined up; it might be worth investing in a suit or taking a second hand one to be tailored and fitted correctly. If your clothes look like they were made for you, you’ll look sharp and feel great. Make sure that everything is well pressed or steamed on the morning of your interview; creases look untidy, and employers are unlikely to appreciate an untidy candidate. Do some final checks in the bathroom for lint or fluff, and remove them before you go in so that you look dapper; you’ve got this.

Stand Out

Your potential new boss may have seen multiple candidates for the job role in one day; so you want to wear something that will stand out a little and ensure that they remember you. If you favor neutral or beige ties, add a brightly colored pocket square or vice versa. You don’t need to head to toe in a crazy printed fabric; however, try to portray your personality a little to stand out from the crowd in the waiting room.

Perhaps you have a vintage briefcase with a story behind it or a pocket watch and waistcoat that’s been handed down through your family; whatever the focus is, your interviewer will take note, and you’ll stick in their mind a bit more than the rest do.

Walk Tall

Your body language is the best way to show (or pretend) how confident you are; don’t walk in hunched and small. Walk proud and tall into your interview so that your outfit looks better and you’ll be more approachable and a pleasure to talk to. Give a firm handshake and smile; you can cover up any nerves and insecurities that you might be feeling. For more body language tips during an interview, take a look here and practice at home beforehand. If you give off confidence and charm; you’ll be an attractive prospect for any company, and you should have no problem in securing your next job role or career move.