Sunday, June 18, 2017

Make Money While You Travel

Spending the summer traveling around the world is a dream for most of us, but a reality for very few. The main hurdle that we face is money. Traveling is expensive nowadays and unless you’ve got a big chunk of money stashed away, you might have trouble keeping yourself going until you get back. Lots of people are opting to find work abroad these days so that they can afford to stay out there for longer periods. If you’ve got empty pockets and a thirst for travel, here are some jobs you could think about taking on.

Holiday Rep

If you’re planning on heading off to a party destination, there’s no need to pay for it. Being a holiday rep is a great way to earn money and have a great holiday at the same time. You’re only suited for being a holiday rep if you’re good with people because most of your time will be spent meeting holiday goers and showing them a good time. The pay is fairly good and you usually get one or two days off a week to do your own thing.

Sports Instructor

Being good at sports opens up a whole host of opportunities for you when it comes to working abroad. Finding somewhere that requires instructors or coaches means that you can get paid for doing what you love and get a free holiday out of it in the process. One popular option at the moment is skiing, there are resorts all over the world so you’ve got plenty of choice on destination. You’ll probably need to take one of the full ski instructor courses to get yourself qualified but once you are, you’ll be able to apply for jobs all over the place.

Summer Camps

We’ve all seen those movies about summer camps and you could be in one of your very own this year. It might not be exactly the same as in the movies, but if you want to go traveling in the states, summer camps are one of the best ways to do it. At some of the camps you could make up to $1500 but you’ll have to pay your travel costs before you get there so it does still require a bit of cash.

Theme Parks

It might not be everybody's idea of a good traveling experience, but going to a theme park is still a great way to spend a summer. Buying a ticket every day isn’t going to be feasible, but if you work there you’ll be able to use the park for free when you aren’t on duty. It isn’t for everybody as it often means dressing up as a cartoon character and dancing around like an idiot. This is certainly not a job for people that don’t like customer service jobs and socializing with lots of other people.


The clue is in the name here, you aren’t going to get paid for this. However, all of your accommodation and food etc. will be covered. It’s a good opportunity for anybody that wants to do some good in the world while seeing some of the world at the same time.