Friday, June 09, 2017

3 Tips And Tricks For Getting On

There are a lot of distractions in our day to day lives currently. Think about previous generations who lived without smartphones, televisions, tablets and laptops - they had books and the likes to take their minds off of things instead, but generally found themselves to be more motivated than we are currently. They got stuff done, without having to take breaks to check if somebody had been in touch with them within the last five minutes. So how are we able to take a break away from the things which are occupying our minds or utilize them to our advantage in order to progress?

Disable Push Notifications

If there are no notifications on your phone alerting you to what’s going on, you’ll be less inclined to look for them. If you keep your phone on loud, it’s especially useful to not have it dinging every time something new happens. You’ll be teaching yourself not to be expectant of what’s to come. Even having alerts coming through which take you into an app can see you waste minutes, if not hours, of your time when it can be better invested into something else.

Integrate It

Even if we are sitting at our computer talking to people, we still often have our phone next to us so we can get in touch with people via that. On average, people have at least three ways of getting in touch with their friends via messaging services on their phone; take it back 15 years ago, and there was only the (now traditional) method of texting. If you are able to integrate at least one of these messaging services onto your computer screen rather than your phone screen, you’ll waste less searching around for your mobile to check for any alerts. If you are wondering how to get Kik on PC, or any other messaging service that you may use, it’s just a case of searching for what you want and following instructions. The more you can focus on just one device instead of a couple, the more you’ll find yourself getting on with what needs to be done.

Set Yourself A List - And Follow It

If you haven’t got anything to write a list down on that’s near to you, you can type one up. Don’t just give yourself a list of targets, but write down the time that you want them to be achieved by or limit yourself on how long it will take you to do it. That way, you’re in a competitive race with yourself; you’ll usually find that it doesn’t take you half of the time that you’ve allotted when you’re truly focusing and concentrating on getting the job completed. Whatever you do, don’t publish the list on social media or set it on there for somebody to watch what you’re doing; it’ll only be easier for you to push to one side when the activities aren’t completed, or make you feel even worse for not doing them if you have other stuff that gets in the way first.