Sunday, May 21, 2017

Money Saving Tips for Your Home

Considering how the cost of gas and electricity is on a seemingly permanent incline, it’s more important than ever for us to find ways of reducing the amount of energy we use. Saving energy equates to saving money so here are some great tips on how to save energy around the home.

Cut Down Electricity Bills

It’s vital that every member of the family knows they all have to play a part in conserving electricity.
Thus, when leaving a room, ensure that all the lights are turned off. Lights that are not in use or that are not essential to have on should likewise be switched off.

If you’re finding it difficult to get the whole household turning off unused lights, consider implementing a ‘swear box’ type system: every time someone leaves a room without turning the light off, they have to put some money in the box.

If you haven’t already, invest in energy saving light bulbs. These may be slightly more expensive to buy than regular light bulbs but they last a lot longer and will save a significant amount on electricity bills too.

Lighting is not the only way that electricity bills build up – switching off computers and laptops when not in use is also important. Also, if possible, use a clothes airer or an outside clothes line to dry clothes rather than using the tumble dryer.

A few other points to consider are:
  • Only boil as much water in the kettle as you’re going to use.
  • Don’t turn the washing machine on unless you’ve got a full load.
  • Try to eat as a family; this will ensure the oven is not heated up multiple times during an evening – very wasteful!
Conserve Heat Around the Home

Heating bills are for many, the biggest monthly bill they face, however, reducing your usage is easy. Even turning down the thermostat in the home just by one degree will save a lot of money over the course of a year. And don’t be afraid to put on a jumper when you get a little chilly – it’s far, far cheaper than turning up the heating!

In addition, if your home isn’t properly insulated, investigate your options now. Insulating your home will ensure less heat escapes, reducing how much and how high you need your heating.
Roof insulation is cheap and can easily be installed with little disruption to daily life yet can make a big difference to how much heat is saved. Like roof insulation, cavity wall insulation can make a big difference.

Other methods of conserving heat include:
  • Investing in draught stoppers for your doors.
  • Investing in double glazing.
  • Making sure doors and windows are kept shut.
Conserve Water and Save Money

With the increase in the use of water metres over fixed tariffs, saving water has become another way of saving money.
  • Take a shower instead of a bath.
  • If young children need to be bathed, either bathe them at the same time or reuse the water.
  • If the water pressure in your shower is really strong, consider buying a device that fits over the shower head, reducing water usage.
  • And the obvious one – turn taps off when you’re not using them; e.g. cleaning your teeth!

About the author:
Jon Platy writes for Principal Homebuyers  - a UK based home selling service that matches sellers and buyers for quick turnaround sales. They help people in debt, who have issues with probabte and those that want to relocate abroad.