Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tired Of Trying To Lose Weight? Take It Right Back To Basics

The struggle to lose weight can be immense. No matter how much we exercise or try to change our diet, sometimes we just can’t shift those pounds. All too often we become overwhelmed and give up. Or we start by trying to solve all our weight loss problems at once. If you’re tired of trying to lose weight it’s time to go right back to the basics. Take it one step at a time. If you’re patient, you will see results.


First of all, ask yourself what your motivation for losing weight is. This is really important because it’s what will spur you on, on those days when you can’t be bothered. You have to do it for you. If you’re doing it for anyone else the motivation to continue just won’t be strong enough. Whether you want to look better, feel stronger, or are training for an event, you need to have a strong motivation. One way to stay motivated is to take pictures of your body at the start of your journey. Take a new picture every month and you can track your results. Most of us are very goal-driven. Nothing is more motivating than smashing through goals and setting new ones. So aim to run for 20 minutes when you begin, then keep setting new goals as you master the old ones. Motivation can even come from the little things, like your workout clothes. Treat yourself to some workout gear that you can’t wait to wear. It’s the little things that will help get you moving in the morning!


There is so much advice out there about diet and it can be confusing. What everyone's in agreement about is the basics, so stick to these. Processed foods aren’t good for us, and neither are sugary foods or those high in fat. What is good for us is fresh food. So that’s fruits and vegetables. Try re-evaluating the way you look at food. Anything that isn’t in it’s most natural form, try to avoid. So that goes for sauces and dressings as well as bread and doughnuts. This really forces you to make a lot of food from scratch, which turns out far healthier. So make your own sauce for a pasta or your own brownies. You might also like to try protein shakes. These are great for in between exercises. Check out protein world promo code for weight loss shakes. Try replacing meat as the center of the meal too. Instead replace it with chickpeas, pasta, potatoes, or rice. This is the base of your meal and you can add vegetables, sauces (homemade) and seasonings. Eating like this is far healthier and less calorific than store-bought foods.


There really is a very simple formula to losing weight, eat more of the right food and move more. Don’t get bogged down with workouts and targeting specific areas. You could become easily overwhelmed. Instead take it right back to basics and simply move. Do whatever it is that you can do and that makes you happy. Dancing classes, long walks, swimming, or cycling, are all great ways to get moving. Make exercise fun before you incorporate more structured workouts.