Monday, April 03, 2017

Quick Tips On How To Take Instagram-worthy Photos with the OPPO F1s and achieve your #FeedGoals

There’s no denying that Instagram is now the whopper of photo sharing on social media and knowing the fact that it is used by billions of people worldwide, there are gazillions of eyeballs that will stumble across your feed looking at your photos! Maybe it’s time you consider to hype up your insta-game and have a stunning Instagram feed.
Here are some few quick tips on how to have Insta-worthy photos:
1. Look for natural LIGHTING
Lighting is very essential when taking photos. Natural light will always yield a beautiful, clear, and sharp photo. Avoid taking shots in dimly lit areas because it will make your photos look grainy and shaky. However, if you find the need to take photos at night, be sure to look for a good lighting. 

2. Utilize whatever is around you as PROPS
Becuase it's not always you can actually prepare for props, so instead you can grab or find something around you to use as instant props. It could literally be anything–from rings, to torn pages from an old magazine, and sunglasses, etc. The key here is creativity!


The composition is also a vital factor for any photo. Make sure there is no unnecessary distraction on the background. A rule of thumb: use the rule-of-thirds. Compose your main subject on the right, left, or center. The center is usually the easiest to do. Don’t be scared to play around with the angles.
4. It’s all about the ANGLE 

Don’t be shy to take lots of photos of your main subject in different angles so you could get to choose the perfect shot in the end. So what if people are staring at you while you’re standing up so you can capture the whole table from a top-down perspective? Food photos are best taken from the side or top view. Aim for the goal of achieving an insta-worthy shot!
5. Have fun with FILTERS

Filters play a very very very important role in achieving an Insta-worthy photo. Believe me when I say that the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android) is bursting with photo-editing apps that will make your photos look more stunning. Take for example this free minimalist app that I personally use-VSCO Cam. This app is popular among artsy types for good reason. You can enhance, modify, and play with your photos with the variety of filters to choose from!, However, just don’t overdo it or else your photos would look super faded and unnatural. 
To top it off, you don't really need a fancy and expensive camera to take great photos. You can reach your goal with just a smartphone in your hand and the OPPO F1s is your best bet to achieve your ultimate #FeedGoals! It is equipped with a 13-megapixel camera that can definitely take superb snapshots even in low-light situations! Not only that, up top and a bit to the left is the unassuming front camera that packs a 16-megapixel sensor.

It’s about time you put what you’ve read into action, right? Use these quick simple tips in capturing better Instagram photos. Just remember: FLAP (filter-lighting-angle-props). Happy Snapping, folks!
All photos are from James Tubeo’s Instagram.