Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Planning A Trip Of Wonder In The Land Down Under

Australia is a beautiful country, but the reason it’s such a wonderful place to visit is because there’s far more diversity in this huge, sprawling place than you would find if you were to visit any other country in the world. It offers the depths of an unearthed, wild and dangerous outback to the dizzying heights and beauty of sleek, modern cities sitting along the glorious coastline. Parts of this country stand in stark contrast to one another, and that’s what makes it so intriguing.

Whether you’re an adventurer looking to explore foreign lands and see animals or other sights that you couldn’t find anywhere else in the world or you’re a tourist looking to relax in a beautiful new location and soak up those Australian rays of sunshine, this country has someone for people of all mindsets and from all walks of life. If you’re wondering where to begin with regards to planning your trip to the land down under, these ideas might give you some inspiration.

The Ngadiku Dreamtime Walk

Those of you with a desire to see some of the real, hidden elements of Australia which wouldn’t really be shown on a tourist brochure might really benefit from the eye-opening experience of the Ngadiku Dreamtime Walk. Local Aboriginals take travelers around the rainforests and offer a different perspective on the beauty of nature which surrounds them. You can also see the beautiful Mossman Gorge in the north of Queensland on this walk and learn of how the Kuku Yalanji people draw their sustenance, in terms of food and healing, from this place. This is certainly a very different way to experience Australia if you’re looking to explore rather than simply relax and catch the sun.


If you’re looking to soak up some of the modern culture that Australia has on offer, you’ll find that this certainly isn’t in short supply. If you head to cities such as Melbourne, the No 96 tram could take you around all the major sights, such as the Melbourne Museum, Carlton Gardens and Luna Park. You could look into getting some AFL tickets for the best seats at one of the football games in any major city if you’re unsure where to begin. There are always plenty of events into which you can sink your teeth in any Australian city; of course, Sydney draws the most tourists for a reason. The Opera House has plenty on offer all year round, but you might want to look into booking tickets for a show early if you want to ensure you’ll see something.


It’s the sport with which we all associate Australia. There’s good reason for that, as surfing off Australia’s coastline is an experience like no other. If there’s one thing you should definitely squeeze into the plan for your trip to the land down under, it should be catching some waves. You don’t need to be an expert, as learning to surf is almost more fun than knowing what you’re doing; it’s certainly a fun way to enjoy the sun.