Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Make Your Beach Holiday Active

A beach holiday doesn’t have to be a lazy holiday. For those that like to stay active on vacation, there’s a multitude of different ways to satisfy the inner adventurer in anyone. Here are just a few examples of activities worth splashing out on.

Take the plunge

Scuba diving opens you up to a whole new world beneath that big blue sea. It does require training and certification – taking a few lesson before you jet off can save you spending all your holiday learning and never actually getting out into the depths (most swimming pools offer courses). A scuba certificate in universal, allowing you to go all over the world diving taking insights as mighty as Barracuda Point and The Great Barrier Reef. A less costly version of diving that requires no training is snorkeling, which may be worth trying out before giving diving a dive.

Try a new water sport

There are hundreds of water sports now to choose from. Surfing, windsurfing and water-skiing are some of the more famous options. Newer quirkier sports meanwhile are gaining popularity such as paddle boarding. This is a great family option that you can pick up yourself (others may require more supervision). Get experienced enough and you can start experimenting with paddle board dimensions.  Wake boarding is another popular new water sport for those that want something a little more white-knuckled. This combines surfing and water-skiing and can be found at most seaside resorts.

Go on a boat tour

Whilst still a leisurely activity, a boat tour can encourage you see a bit more than you would from the beach. Glass-bottomed boat tours are very common, allowing you to see aquatic wildlife without having to actually dip your toes in. Other boat tours may take you to nearby islands, giving you a new bit of scenery to explore. More active boat tours may include games that give everyone in the water.

Play beach games

There are lots of games that you can play on the beach including volleyball, Frisbee and kite flying. These are all great activities to play with the kids. Adults should look out for boot camps on the beach. These are exercise sessions that contain fun beach games such as tug of war and races with buckets of water(but the buckets have holes in). Such games provide a workout in a fun environment whilst working as a team and meeting new people.

Join a yoga class

Yoga exercises the body and the mind and what better place to experience a yoga session than on the beach. Party islands such as Ibiza have become renowned for embracing contrastingly serene sports on the side such as yoga and pilates. As relaxing as these activities can be, they’re also pretty knackering, putting great stress on your core, making them active in their own right.