Saturday, April 01, 2017

Love Beer Then You'll Love These American Breweries


If we have learned anything about life, it is that a great life is made up of great experiences. As the saying goes, life is not a number of breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away. And getting the best experience out of something is no different when it comes to food or drink, and certainly not beer.

Sure, for a beer to be great it needs to taste it. But that isn’t the only factor that holds a serious amount of sway, gorgeous, delicious, bubbly sway because what makes us want to visit a brewery isn’t just the beer, it is the whole experience.

With that in mind, we have come up with a brewery bucket list chock-full of American breweries you have got to visit at least once. Yup, another one to add to the many fantastic drinking trips you can make. Enjoy.


Pacific City, Oregon

There is only one ocean-front brewery in Oregon and it is absolutely necessary you visit it. What makes the Pelican Pub & Brewery so special is the staggering beer and the even more staggering views, where the sun sets behind an endless vista of lapping ocean. It is the quite simply the dream when it comes to sipping on a nice pint of, especially their award-winning beer Mother Of All Storms. And what’s more, they have some killer food on offer too. Mmmmmm.

Austin, Texas

If you know anything about the history of those scrummy farmhouse ales then you’ll know that they traditionally brewed for the farmers. They were brewed as a refreshment during the hot summer months. So why not get all reminiscent, why not enjoy beer like it was meant to be enjoyed, in a farmhouse setting. Well, if that takes your fancy, then you need to make a trip to the Jester King Brewery in Austin, Texas. They know all about hops, and the extraction process, in which you can see more here. But the real reason this is a must-see spot is because it is set in a big old, rustic, and breathtaking warehouse, just like it would have been done long before stainless steel was ever a thing. So grab a beer, grab a pizza and sit out in the sun with a smile that won’t fade.

Kihei, Hawaii

Okay, there is one big fat reason as to why this has made it onto the list other than the delicious tasting beer and that is the fact it is in Hawaii. It is in Maui. Maui. But let’s drop the location for a minute and concentrate on their most famous brew, the scrumptious Coconut Porter, which only gets better and better tasting as you stare out across the Molokini crater. But if you do get bored of that, then why not get another pint and then play life-sized Jenga there, or Connect 4. Yup. We’re all kids at heart.

Long Beach, California

We can’t mention a tour of America and not mention California, and when it comes to the pinnacle of brewery experiences then you have to go to Beachwood BBQ and Brewing. The reason we have mentioned this one is because it specializes in beer and it specializes in meat, and for many, that is the nirvana they have been looking for. In terms of tipple, we have to suggest the Melrose IPA, which goes so well with their Beer-Braised Pork Cheek. You have to go here. Trust us, you have got to go here.