Sunday, April 09, 2017

Indiana Jones's Lifestyle But Without The Danger

Don’t you dream of an adventurous lifestyle but without actually having to face all the dangers of it? The excitement of adventure is a Millennial’s dream, with a sense of going back to a manly and challenging life where you need to prove yourself to stay alive constantly. Okay, maybe not to stay alive, but who doesn’t dream of being the hero of his own life? It’s all about taking control and pushing your limits every day, and you can also get a hat and a whip like Professor Jones if you are up for it. But in truth, you probably don’t need to whip to make things work for you. Although, admittedly, it’s a look to aspire for, especially if you’ve grown up watching his mysterious quests to retrieve forgotten treasures.

While there aren’t many forgotten treasures left that you could find, there are still plenty of new experiences that you can make, and new dreams that you can taste. Welcome to Adventure 2.0, reload the excitement in life.

Urban Adventurer’s Pack

Modern adventurers, you would have guessed it, don’t rely on guns and whips, unlike Indiana Jones. They need gadgets that make their lives easier wherever they are in the world. For a start, a practical bi-fold wallet is ideal for every urbanite traveler to handle multiple currencies, cards and IDs documents. If you prefer to travel light, there’s a minimalist wallet option that attaches to your smartphone and makes sure that you have everything in one place when you go out. The final item on the list of the modern traveler, the practical backpack that has plenty of room to keep everything you need. It also comes with clever organizers so that you can keep all your essentials separate and easy to find.

Discover The World Without Fear

There isn’t much room left in the world for free exploration. But who said that adventures had to be lived alone? Travelsphere is specialized in escorted holidays to take you to the discovery of the world safely. From walking through Rome to enjoying breakfast with winter polar bear in the Arctic region, you can rely on experts to show you the wonders of the world. Admittedly if you are one for backpacking, nothing is stopping you from planning your holiday and booking your flights and hotels. But remember that the best way to enjoy backpacking is to be fully informed about the region you are going to visit. This will avoid a lot of troubles.

The Literary Art Of Manliness

Who said that adventure needed travel? You can explore the art of manliness from the sofa of your living room with a good book. Dive back into Stevenson’s Treasure Island and ask yourself if you could find Long John Silver’s buried treasure. Or enter the world of She, by H. Rider Haggard where a professor and his apprentice discover a lost city in the African jungle. Adventure, sometimes, only takes a little imagination. If you want a story with a taste for reality, read Night Flight by Saint-Exupery, that relates the lives of early mail pilot. Saint-Exupery was a pilot himself, so he knew very well what he was talking about.