Saturday, April 29, 2017

For The Love Of Sports

If you’re not a sports fan you may not understand why some people just love the sport so much.  It isn’t just the playing of sport, that may seem obvious given the pleasure of staying fit and active -  but the hours of watching, following and investing real emotion in a sport may just seem a little over the top to a non-sports fan.

However, if you are a sports fan then your love of the sport is real and you can’t understand those who don’t share that same sense of loyalty, excitement, and intensity.  

Whichever end of the field you sit here are three real reasons that we should all love the sport.

  1. To feel part of something; human beings have always looked for meaning in their lives and to feel part of something bigger.  Many find this in religion, others find it through supporting a favorite sports team or player.  This sense of wanting to belong to something is strong and extremely healthy as research has shown that human contact and feeling part of a community is important to both our physical and mental wellbeing.  Sports offers the chance to not only be part of something bigger, it also provides a ready-built community that spreads across the world. Even sports memorabilia and clothing buys into this need of wanting to belong, a community uniform to help you identify where you fit. So when you are next out on the terraces surrounded by likeminded fans cheering your team on you can take comfort that win or lose you are benefitting from feeling included.
  2. Emotional release; men, in particular, may find it hard to express their emotions on a day to day basis.  Sports, however, provides a perfectly acceptable outlet for our emotions. For some then, sports has become a key part of their emotional strength and wellbeing. That’s why to non-sports fans the level of emotion expressed when a team loses may seem disproportionate - it could just be that this is just the excuse fans needed to cry out the rest of their difficult week. Unfortunately, another emotion sports can sometimes fuel is anger.  Anger is an important emotion and healthy if managed correctly.  The competitive nature of sports is a positive way of expressing our anger as long as it doesn’t get out of control and be used as an excuse to advocate violence.
  3. Just for fun; whether you prefer to actually play sport, watch it on TV or even take a flutter every now and then with apps like centrebet app the important thing is that sport is enjoyable.  It is a chance to hang out with your mates, escape from everyday life for a few hours and even get a bit of exercise if you prefer your sport hands-on. With so many sports to choose from and so many ways to be involved in it, there is something for everyone. Sport is loved around the world because it is social, exciting and just fun - particularly if your team is on a winning streak.