Sunday, April 02, 2017

An East Asia Adventure Should Be On Your Summer Travel List

When a lot of people plan their travels, they decide to go to south-east Asia and tour around Thailand and the Philippines etc. While there are loads of cool things to do and see in these countries, you’re missing out on a whole host of other things to the North. Instead, you could spend your time in East Asia and see amazing countries like China, Japan, and South Korea.

There is so much to see in East Asia, it’s almost criminal to not spend a few months checking it out and traveling around the countries. Here are some of the cool things you should see/do while on your East Asian adventure:

Check Out The Chinese Territories

China is a big strange in that it has so many different territories in this region. There are places like Tibet and Hong Kong that are known as autonomous territories of China. These places fought for independence for a long time, and there’s loads of history there. A tour in Tibet is well worth your time as there are plenty of mountains and high peaks you can climb to see some amazing views. It’s a very unique place, and certainly, somewhere you should go at least once in your life. Hong Kong is also very unique, and there are loads of traditionally Asian architecture to fawn over, as well as some adventure parks if you want to relax a little too.

Spend Some Time In South Korea

Korea often gets a lot of TV coverage, mainly because of North Korea, and mainly for bad reasons. However, South Korea is an incredible place. It’s perhaps the most forward thinking and technologically advanced country in the world. Spend some time in Seoul and marvel at the fact that there’s free wifi pretty much everywhere that’s faster than a lot of mobile data connections. The Seoraksan National Park is also a must if you want to see the brilliant mountain areas in this country. Also, take a trip to the Seoul Tower for some amazing views as well.

Journey Over The Sea To Japan

Just a short journey across the Sea Of Japan and you will move on into one of the most interesting countries in the world. Japan is famous for all sorts of things such as its amazing imperial temples and, of course, bullet trains. Make sure some of your time here is spent on a bullet train journey, you’ll find regular public transport feels slow forever! Speaking of temples, there are so many you need to go to, they all look magnificent like they’ve been taken right out of a movie set. Senso-Ji and Kinkaku-Ji are probably two of the most famous temples you should visit. Of course, spend some time in Tokyo too for a more urban experience of Japan.

There’s so much to do in East Asian, we’ve barely scratched the surface here! It’s a very intriguing part of the world, and the cultural change from western civilization is incredible. Traveling is all about having fun and seeing new perspectives of the world, and you get both of these things with this idea for a summer trip.