Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Don't Let Bad Weather Ruin Your Camping Trip

Plenty of us has a picture-perfect idea in our minds about what it would be like to go on a camping trip. Crystal clear skies, warm grass beneath our toes and a gently babbling brook nearby. Of course, the likelihood of this happening is fairly slim - as typically whenever you plan the camping trip of a lifetime, the trusty weather will always let you down! Camping in a downpour, or even in more extreme conditions such as strong winds or snow, can be a pretty miserable experience, even for miserable campers. But if you're determined to wait out the shower, what can you do to make your stay more comfortable? Take a look at these tips for camping in ALL weathers....

Get a tent that will support you

This should go without saying - but so many people bring a cheap, light-skinned tent with them on a camping trip and then wonder why the whole thing is soaked through after the tiniest bit of rain. When it comes to tents, you really should consider putting your money where your mouth is. A more expensive tent will be money well-spent, as it will shield you from the elements on your trip and can also potentially last you for many vacations to come. As well as being waterproof, you also need to make sure that it is a sturdy structure, and you can find out more about that here. Finally, always get a tent that has a ground sheet built into it, as that will stop any morning dew or mud creeping in and dampening all your things. Aside from that, don't forget to choose the best camping gear and hiking backpacks for your needs. It's always good to be prepared! You'll need a good backpack to have any chance of success.

Go waterproof on EVERYTHING

Okay, so packing a waterproof cover for everything you own probably isn't the most practical idea. But if you're determined to make the most of your vacation still and spend some time outside of the tent, you'll need to make sure you have dressed appropriately. Jeans are a big no go in wet weather, as not only will they become very heavy and uncomfortable, but they will take an extraordinarily long time to dry. You are better off wearing correctly waterproof pieces of clothing, including trousers if it's cold. Waterproof ponchos are also a great option and are relatively inexpensive from most supermarkets and camping stores alike.

Make a windbreak

Camping in very strong winds can be a pretty scary experience. Anyone who's done it before will know that it can almost feel as though your tent is going to take off any minute, which doesn't exactly create the most relaxing environment for a peaceful night's sleep! Thankfully, by taking just a few simple items with you, you will be able to craft an effective windbreak, should you end up needing one. Providing you are camping somewhere with trees nearby, you can tie a tarpaulin sheet between them to shield you from the worst of the wind. If not, consider using spare guide ropes and pegs to physically attach the tarp to your tent. Parking your car next to your tent can also provide a little bit of shelter from the wind if neither of those things is an option for you.