Thursday, April 27, 2017

Brave the Urban Life: Basic Millenial Necessities #IAmUrbanBrave

Have you experienced that feeling where excitement just flow in your bloodstream and you get so giddy when exploring a store for hours? That’s how I am when I knew about Urbanize–a millennial’s favorite one-stop shop for tech, lifestyle needs, and urban accessories.  I only get to visit Urbanize very often since I still need to fly over to Luzon because they don’t have a branch here in Mindanao, but every time I get the chance to go there, Urbanize never fails to make my techy heart pleased.

I have been traveling out of the country since January and I haven’t got the chance to go to my favorite tech and lifestyle shop. However, the next time I do get to visit Urbanize, I will surely find products that can make my life much easier during my travels. Hence I have listed down my top picks that I find worth buying and featuring on my next shopping spree. These are pretty much essentials for my future travels. I hope that with this post, millennials out there may also find these items useful for a more orderly life. You with me? Let’s start.

The Kiko Classic Bi-fold Wallet– The ideal wallet for every urbanite traveller that can handle all types of currencies all over the world. I'm not really fond of bringing bulky wallets, so this is definitely on my wish list! The elegant and classy look is a plus point!

Wallet from Crabby Gear– A thin and classy wallet combining a stunning minimalist design with maximum utility. I think this one might come in handy especially if I'm going to a party. It has easy access pockets for my favorite cards and also a lobster claw keychain to hold my key. How cool is that? Definitely a millennial must-have!

COFFEE ON-THE-GO: Coffee Travel Press– I'm a certified coffee drinker and I can't live a day without it! When I read about this cool product, it can literally let me take my coffee or tea anywhere. With my goal to explore the world and seek adventure, I need a great cup to bring with me. 

The Urbanize Packit Backpack– I'm in a constant search for spacious bags and I think this one definitely got my attention! Not only does it have a lot of organizers for my urban essentials, but it's equally stylish, too! 

Hydrapak Stash– Staying hydrated is now made convenient with this collapsible bottle! I've been searching for something like this that can store liquids in a flash so that I can stay hydrated during my travels. Perfect for my weekend trips and I can even use this to the gym.

There you go, urbanites. These are my top picks on my wish list! I truly believe that with these items, I can be more organized, meaning, I get to be productive and I can accomplish more in a day and live an orderly life. In addition, these can also help me get the most out of my trips, and hopefully make my life a little easier (and hopefully yours, too!).

Photos are from Urbanize Facebook page and Urbanize Website. All these millennial necessities can be found at all Urbanize stores and outlets.