Thursday, April 06, 2017

Adventure For A Living

As they say, make money doing something you love and you will never work a day in your life. It’s half-true. It’s true that if you can make money doing something that you love, it doesn’t feel like work. However, it does take some work to get there. Especially if what you love is living a life of adventure. Here, we’re going to look at some of the ways you make money doing just that and how you get to the stage.

Work abroad

If you love a certain destination more than anything, then there might be a lot of ways for you to get work abroad and spend more time in that place you love so much. Taking the opportunity to teach English, to work with an English-speaking tourism business, in the places of the world that you love gives you an opportunity to get a much deeper look at the culture, people, and lifestyles of that destination. If you have any skills that go well with tourism, you can get even closer to the holidaying life. For example, becoming a ski instructor will keep you up on those slopes while teaching diving or watersports will have you spending all day on the beach.

Be a tourist destination

You can also be a tourist stop all in your own right. People love seeing the destinations they choose from all different kinds of vantages. If you can offer them a new angle to see the place they visit, then you could find yourself listed as one of the best reasons to go to that location. For instance, you could learn to fly. Not only is earning your license an exhilarating experience all on its own. If you can buy or lease a plane or even join a business already running aerial tours, then it could be your job to do what you love and fly all day. The same goes for those living on the coast thinking about getting chartered as a party or tour boat captain.

Write all about it

If you spend pretty much all your time travelling, then the job that might work for you best is one that you can from anywhere on the road. Anywhere that you can take a laptop or a tablet can be the perfect office for a travel writer. Blogging has blown up as a career option as of late with lots of people making money from sharing expertise and experience online. Travel blogging can be a lot more demanding than you expect. It can require longer hours and get you out of your comfort zone even as a traveller. But with good content and an eye for businesses willing to offer money, trips, and accommodation for reviews, it’s more than possible to start a career blogging about your travels. You might not always have a say on where you’re going, but that’s nothing entirely new to a real explorer.
It takes work to build a career you truly love. But the work is more than worth it for those who find that job soaring the skies or living in one of thefavoriteite destinations in the whole world. It’s more than achievable, so don’t let anyone naysay your dreams to make money from your adventuring lifestyle.