Thursday, March 09, 2017

You Don't Have To Leave The States To See Some Jaw-Dropping Nature

If you’re a real lover of natural beauty, then you might be the kind who constantly and wistfully sighs at all the sights waiting over the ocean. Scenic delights like Uluru might call to your soul and the Angel Falls of Venezuela speak to your heart. But you don’t have to throw yourself half-way across the world to take in some jaw-dropping sights. There are plenty that is just a road trip away. We’re going to look at three of the sites in the US where the most gorgeous displays of natural beauty away.

The bluest oceans

North America has easily some of the greatest coasts in the entire world. But if you want to mix a good deal of luxury with your idyllic locations, then you might want to take a look at the Golden State of California. If you want to get up-close and feel the power of nature beneath your feet (or beneath your surfboard) then The Wedge at Newport Beach is going to really take your breath away. Is it the view alone, you seek, and some peace to have that view in? Then you should think about stops like El Matador Beach, northwest of Malibu. There, the jutting, rocky coast meets the powerful sea, leaving some of the most romantic natural sculptures you’re likely to see in the world.

The greatest wilderness

The US is a place where society and civilization prosper, so you might be tricked into thinking there’s no more unconquerable wilderness to marvel at. Arizona is where you’re going to get proven wrong. But you don’t have to let the wilderness conquer you. Easy travel tours like allow you to marvel at the beauty of places like the vast Sonoran Desert while still getting to enjoy the hospitality of a holiday. The Grand Canyon is an obvious choice, but if you want to see one of the most beautiful erosions in the state, then you’re going to want to go to Paria Canyon, where The Wave has been inspiring those who’ve seen it for thousands of years.

The grandest peaks

The USA certainly isn’t lacking its fair share of gorgeous mountain trails, either. The Rockies and Mauna Kea are easy candidates. But if you want a road trip that offers you some of the greatest diversity of stops, look at routes like the North Carolina trip mentioned at The peaks range from hilly forestland teeming with beautiful wildlife to the dramatic and imposing sight of the Appalachian Mountains. There can be no denying that there still giants in the country to marvel at and they can make some of the road trips with the most to offer in terms of sheer variation of sights. In the North Carolina trip, there’s plenty to eat and plenty to do, from taking a break for a horse-ride to stopping off at some deliciously old-school breweries.
Water, wind, fire, and ice combine to make some mesmerizing vistas. Don’t deny yourself because you’re not able to fly yourself across the world in search of them. Find the ones close to you and appreciate the sheer diversity of natural beauty in the States.