Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Worldwide Water Hotspots

For those of you budding travelers that love the water — whether that be being close to it, riding it on a boat, swimming in it or even surfing on it — this planet of ours offers up a whole host of water wonders for you to dive into. Whether you just want to get your toes wet or whether you want to drown your whole body in water, there is a host of places to visit.

Firstly, big surf destinations can be found in a plethora of places for all of you would-be surfers and adrenaline junkies. Great surfing hotspots can, of course, be found Down Under in Australia — particularly at Bondi Beach where the waters are crystal clear. If you are already a great and experienced surfer, then that’s great — you can take to tackling the Aussie oceans one wave at a time straight away. If you are not, however, an experienced surfer then don’t let that put you off experiencing the big Bondi surfing experience: there is an officially licensed surf school in the area that will help you get to grips with the art of surfing.


But if staying dry whilst still enjoying the ocean is more your style then there are a plethora of cruising, yachting and boating options to explore that may be more suitable to your desires. For instance, there is never a shortage of opportunities to find a yacht for rent in Dubai which would allow you to live the life of the rich and famous (for the duration of the ride, at least) as you relax in luxury and take in the breathtaking white oceans of the United Arab Emirates. You could channel your inner Kim K and take selfies whilst the Burj Al Arab photobombs you; you can rest and sunbathe after all that shopping you did the day before in the world famous Dubai Mall; or you could help to catch fish and work with the crew on the boat to BBQ them for your evening meal while the oceans around gleam with the last rays of the sun before it sets, which is, itself, a sight to behold in this part of the world.

But if you do in fact want to take a dip, but don’t fancy surfing, then there are many places in the world that are ideal for swimming. If this is your desire, then you can’t go far wrong by taking a trip to any of the 1,190 islands in the Maldives as these oceans are famed for their crystal clear swimming waters. And, for those of you that enjoy being near water but not actually in it, then you can relax on the white sandy beaches that are adjoined to the ocean. However, if you ever feel the need to escape the sun, try not to see refuge under a coconut tree as a falling coconut can be very serious. Seriously, it can lead to death; for more information on what to, and what not to do, in the Maldives make sure to click here.


So, for all you water loving nomads out there, maybe it’s now time to dive into your next wonderfully wet experience!