Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Five Tips Guaranteed To Take Your Camping Trip To The Next Level

We’re not all Bear Grylls (thankfully), but we can still camp like the rest of them. Camping doesn’t have to be hollowing out a tree to sleep in, using moss as blankets and foraging for berries to eat. A camping trip can be as glamorous as you like, car storage space allowing. If you’ve got your location chosen, your tent packed, and a bit of extra space in the car, here are a few must-tries to take your trip to the next level.

1. Get crafty in the kitchen

Are s’mores as adventurous as you get? Is ramen cooked over fire haute cuisine at Camp You? With a bit of preparation, a couple of cool boxes, and a smattering of imagination, it’s totally possible to cook up some genuinely delicious grub. Sweet potatoes wrapped in foil on the edge of the fire are delicious sustenance, and rich, meaty campfire beans are the perfect accompaniment - check out a great (and vegan) recipe here:

You certainly won’t be cold and hungry when you go to bed after you get a load of that. Meat will last in a sealed cool-box for a couple of days, so don’t be afraid to bring along the bacon.

2. Bring some creature comforts

A foam roll mat and a sleeping bag with your laundry bag as a pillow aren’t exactly conducive to a great night’s sleep. An air mattress, a tightly packed duvet, and an inflatable pillow are, however. Never underestimate how much the temperature can drop once the sun sets. Once you’ve packed the car, fill the rest of the space with blankets, throws, cushions sweaters, and duvets. What you don’t cover yourself with you can sleep on. Coziness in the great outdoors just might be the greatest pleasure.

3. Don’t leave behind the tunes

Singing around the campfire is fun and all, but it can’t go on all night. Assuming you have no immediate neighbors, portable speakers and some sort of music device is the way forward. A solar generator such a one from Goal Zero Yeti will keep your music pumping for as long as you need it to. Click here to find out more It’s also great if you don’t want to go completely off the grid, as cell phones and tablets can all be charged on these types of device. Solar generators really are bringing camping into the 21st Century. Check it out!

4. Create atmosphere with lighting

Candles and battery powered torches can create an amazing atmosphere around your camp, meaning you can stay up chatting long after the sun says goodnight. A word of warning with candles, though. Keep them well away from tents and other flammable materials, and ensure the ground around them is damp. It’s best if they can be contained, so empty jam jars or drinking glasses are perfect.

5. Don’t underestimate the importance of hygiene

Finally, just because you’re at one with nature doesn’t mean you have to smell like it. A large container with a watering can spout makes an amazing make-shift shower, if you can stand the cold. A large plastic storage box is a perfect makeshift sink for washing dishes too. And hand sanitizer, or alcohol hand gel, is the future.