Friday, March 31, 2017

Gentleman 101

Having a love of food means you head out to try lots of different restaurants, which means you ought to have a little sartorial finesse. Ok, so some of the places you eat in won’t demand you need to dress up, but sometimes the people you are eating with will mean you want to look your best. We think that the best kind of man is the gentleman, so have a little look at our guide below and see if you fit into any of these styles.

The Perfect Gentleman

To be a gentleman means that you understand and appreciate the finer things in life. You respect etiquette, and as such you will dress for the occasion. So dinner for you almost always means a suit. Of course, the type of suit rather depends on the event. For you, it is all about the tailor made suit and it is quite likely you have more than one of these. You will always have something in your top pocket, and while it may be a minefield these days, you will open the door for a lady and pull out her chair. It isn’t sexist; it’s tradition. Which is a very important thing to you.

The Urban Gentleman

The urban gent is a dapper dressing man who has relaxed his look off a little. He has mastered the urban life.  A modern version of the traditional chap. He understands that a dinner doesn’t mean you need to pull out your best suit. However, he still wants an elegance about him. You might find a few pairs of chinos in various colours, and there will be a wardrobe full of crisp white shirts. He follows through with a little more caution and instead of assuming it is his role, he will ask his companion if he can pick up the tab.

The Alternative Gentleman
We are talking tattoos and a little edge here. The alternative gentleman will start with a pair of well fitting jeans and then work up. You would be forgiven for thinking that he has bought a new shirt for every occasion as he wears the whitest, slim fit shirts with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow so you can see his tats, this gives him a little edge. Over this, he has a waistcoat, Harris Tweed is his choice, always. It softens the look and nips his whole style together. This is a chap who isn’t afraid to let his companion pay. He’s happy to pick up the tab, but he is an entirely modern man.

The one thing that ties all these men together is kindness. They are hugely respectful of anyone they meet and offer nothing but good conversation and a fun evening out. So whichever style you go for, remember it is how you act that counts, not what you wear. Treat the people you are with, with courtesy and respect and most of all, be kind!