Saturday, March 11, 2017

Five Ways To Refresh Your Dress Sense

Everything gets a little stale after a while. Bread, your bed sheets, and even your wardrobe! That's no offense meant, of course - but with something that changes as often as fashion, it's far too easy to get left behind.

You don't need to be a runway model or buy Gucci to be on top in the trend stakes; you just need to keep on top of trends and know what will work for you, no matter the decade. Some fashion items never go out of style, so when you're next buying clothes - try to opt for something that isn't sporty shorts or 3/4 lengths! They didn't last long!

When it comes to refreshing your dress sense, it doesn't necessarily mean buying new clothes, it means buying the right clothes and some other things. We won't spoil the list this early though - here are a few ways you can reinvigorate your dress sense!

1. Take Advice

Your mother might not be the best fashion advisor you know (and if she is, well done!), so don't just refer to the same person for advice every single time. There are plenty of web forums like ` that can give you pointers. Take everything with a little pinch of salt, though - you're the boss here. That doesn't mean you should dismiss inspiration or advice, though, just be real - you can't dress as a cyberpunk ninja for work.

2. Buy simple

Chinos, Oxford shirts, printed shirts and basic designs are not likely to go out of fashion soon, and this also goes for most sneakers like the Converse Chuck Taylor. These items can last you for ages if treated right and are easily replaceable. They are probably the most simple and widespread clothing options available, yet will still look unique on you! Try to go for slim-fit options when you can.

3. Tailor!

The tailor is underrated in modern life, and that's because so many events are happening in our lives that we just don't have the time to take our blazer to the tailor for the weekend because the weekend arrives so soon! However, fitted clothes make pretty much anything look good - no matter your shape and size. This can be done with your jeans and shirts, so don't dismiss it! It is seriously worth the price!

4. Add flair
It's important to add something unique to your outfit. This might come in the form of a pocket square or FrostNYC gold chains - it doesn't matter! Add something that is *you* to complete your outfits and that could be anything from a great watch right through to sunglasses. Just add a little bit of flair to make things pop.

5. Keep Fit

You're going to waste a lot of money if your belt keeps stretching so while you enjoy yourself, keep one eye on your health. Fluctuating weight isn't good for your health, weight or wallet, so keep active, enjoy yourself and be sensible! You don't always want to be buying new outfits!